Things that are making me happy this Saturday morning…

100_9683First of all, the fact that it’s Saturday morning makes me happy.  I love Saturday mornings, especially, like today, when the boys are playing nicely together and my honey is still sleeping in and I have a little time to myself.  This picture makes me happy because I know I took it on a cool day last October, while exploring the mountains just west of Vail, Colorado.  We were on our every-other-year Vail family vacation and having a ball.  The weather was perfect, the autumn leaves a little past, but it was Heaven anyway!  (especially loving the thought of cooler weather, since today is our 19th day in a row of above 95 degrees!)  Notice the distinct lack of lawn/outdoor/garden pictures this month?  I can’t even enjoy it when it’s this hot outside!  UGH!  Hoping for a little cooler in August, so I can shower my tomatoes with the love they deserve!100_4991

This gift makes me happy.  I hope it makes Debbie happy too.  These are her Jaywalkers all wrapped up pretty and I bought her some “Happy Birthday Hershey Kisses” too.  Why do I get so nervous about giving handmade gifts?  I love getting them…  Whatever…100_4993

I made strawberry smoothies for Will and me last week.  Although he wasn’t wild about them, he ate it.  I think the Tastefully Simple smoothie mix that I used made it too Vanilla tasting for his liking.  He’s a strawberry lover!  I thought they were very yummy.  Of course picky Bee-Bop barely tried a tiny little bite and you would have thought he was going to drop dead from the nasty face he made!!  Thanks a lot, Bee!  (was kinda funny, though…)100_5023

Tried my hand at Kool-Aid dying this week.  I think it turned out beautifully, exactly as I had hoped.   Used Superwash wool from Knitpicks.  My only problem is trying to decide what to make out of such a small amount of yarn…  I think maybe mittens for myself out of the red (which I have 250 yards of) but I only have 120 yards of the purple…  what can you make with 120 yards?  The whole dying process was so much fun and easy, thanks to Katherine’s help.  (thank you, K!)100_5027

Also started on Will’s tiger socks.  I just love this yarn and the boys are very excited about animal socks.  (Bee will be getting zebra socks, if the yarn ever comes!) 

And finally, on my mind a lot and making me very happy is the thought of visiting Provo next week with Debbie and pampering ourselves at Sundance and spending time with this lady again.Ali2008

The boys and I are leaving for Colorado Monday where I’ll be staying til Wednesday when Deb and I take off bright and early for Utah!

CAN NOT WAIT!!!  I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Guess that’s it for now… besides my coffee cup is empty.  I hope you have a fabulous Saturday morning too!


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