I’m not real sure about this yet…


I got started on altering Will’s sweater yesterday.  I’m really having fun with the cable pattern and I think it’s really gorgeous.  I’m just not completely convinced that it’s going to make this sweater wearable again…  I still have the cable border cuffs to knit and I think I’m going to have to block it all, cause it’s curling pretty badly.100_4986

I love the color of this brown yarn, but it’s wool/silk/cashmere.  Feels like Heaven, but makes a machine washable sweater not so anymore…  Oh well…100_4980

I was hoping that the boys would be able to share this sweater, but upon trying it on, we discovered that the collar will not go over Bee’s noggin.  So this sweater is for my Doodle! 

I’m going to start on Bee’s tiger socks later this week too, in order to have something relaxing, to wind down in the evenings, while in Provo for CKU.  Can’t wait to get some yarn that I bought on Ebay too, with which  I’ll be making “zebra” socks for little boys.  Should be here soon.

I’m outta here.  Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!


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