Here’s My Plan

I’ve looked, for two weeks, for a group to join on Facebook to diet and exercise with like-minded women for the next  few weeks.  I found several, but only one that didn’t cost $100.00 to join.  (Gee, how helpful…  NOT!)

I thought about creating my own group but I’m not a leader.  I much prefer following in things like this.

I wanted an accountability group, somewhere I could discuss goals and check-in everyday. Another catch with some of these groups were that they wanted daily weigh-ins and I don’t want to weigh until I’ve been doing great for 2 weeks.  (I’m a little neurotic about my weight.  My husband would laugh that I said “a little”.)

So here’s my plan:  I’m going to eat 1200 a day for 6 weeks, starting November 1st.  I’m going to do my treadmill 3 times a week, starting at 20 minutes and working up to 40.  I’m not eating refined sugar.

I may have mentioned before that 2016 turned out to be my year to eat!  It’s been so much fun not worrying about it, not counting, baking and cooking all the comfort dinners that I love.  It has taken a toll on my weight, but WHATEVER!  This is life.  Now it’s time to get it under control, to be kind to my body by eating better, get a few pounds off so that I don’t feel guilty about baking at Christmas.  (I’m very much looking forward to another Bake-Off, doing gingerbread at Christmas time!)

Maybe this plan is the beginning of a healthier life!  (I can hope, shut up!)  I know that if you eat healthy 90% of the time, you can get away with eating birthday cake and sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies.  I KNOW THAT!  Maybe my current plan is the start of living that way!  Could be, you never know!

So it all starts tomorrow.  My Mom has already joined me.  If you’d like to play along, you’re more than welcome.  We could check in with each other, weigh or not, discuss meals we’ve eaten  or meal plans.  Tell what we did for exercise or how many steps we got in today.  Or, just, “I managed to drink my water today.”  There’ll be no judgement.  We have it in ourselves to do this or not.  It’s a choice and it’s an individual choice.  If you choose to eat, more power to you.  I chose to eat all this year!

If you’d like to play along, just let me know and we’ll talk about it.  If you’d like to play along with the gingerbread Bake-Off in December, let me know that too.  The more the merrier.  


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