Mid October Already?

I get so tired of hearing people talk about how they can’t believe it’s October already.  BUT IT’S TRUE!  How the Hell?  When did that happen?

Life continues moving along at a pretty good clip, except for the mountain house construction.  (more on that later)

I think my current Project Life spread will catch you up pretty nicely!  (I used mostly Brandi Kincaid’s Gather the Good mini kit.  It can be found here:  http://kellypurkeyshop.com/products/gather-the-good-mini-kit-by-brandi-kincaid and a few Ali Edwards Story Kit things too.  You can find out more about Ali’s Story Kits here:  http://aliedwards.com/how-it-works .


The weather is finally cooling off and the boys and I are enjoying walks outdoors instead of doing the treadmills.  Boo is loving the back door being constantly open and being able to come and go as she pleases.

Homeschool is moving along fabulously right now.  The boys are really stepping up with their first online class and we’re still working on more independent learning in Science.


The mums are in full bloom and the veggies and herbs are all past now.  Trees are still changing.  We need to do some toasty, wine drinking around the fire pit soon!


I went on a girls’ shopping day in Fort Collins last Saturday with friends, Katherine and Anja and had so much fun!  I was very thankful that Anja was doing a photography project and wanted to take pictures of fall leaves.  I took them to Roland Moore Park.  (the park I visited last year that stole my heart with all the fall colors!)  It was so much fun, relaxing and playful.  By far, the park was my favorite part of the day!


I got the fall baking bug some time ago but had been holding out.  Last week, however,  I caved and baked a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was so yummy!  It’s been a week and now I’m ready to bake something again…  but I won’t…  probably.  We’ll see.

I just realized that my friend, Jackie, makes two appearances in my Project Life this week!  On the first page, there’s a picture of her birthday box and on the last page I documented having gotten my December Daily shipment and waiting to open it with her.  We video-chatted and opened our shipments together.  It was great fun.  I’m so thankful for our friendship.  We have so much fun sharing!  I included her take on our Christmas video chat and mine!


As for the new mountain house…  building is going very slowly but we’re currently being blessed with lots of warmer-than-normal weather.  This was the view yesterday:


We were promised a team of 4 guys would be working on it this week.  We’ve seen 3.  And there was no one there today.  Not sure what happened.  We’ll just be so happy when the skilled workers are done with their parts and they turn it over to us!!!  We’re far enough along now that we can really SEE it and we’re dying to get our hands on it!

So you’re all caught up.  Feels good, huh?  I’m off to play while the husband has dinner with Google tonight!  Ta!


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