Life, in Project Form

I’ve loved concentrating on family members these last few weeks in my Project Life book.  I haven’t done anything like this before and it’s really been fun.  I think the subjects of these pages have kind of enjoyed it too.

So first, we get to see Scott’s week:


I thought twice about breaking up his pages with a print out about homeschool, but I wanted to include it now.  It still flows fine.

Took pictures of my honey, got him to fill out an interview card and searched the internet for pictures of things I know he likes.  Will’s idea was to take a picture of Cabela’s and it certainly is a big part of our lives!


It’s so convenient to print out a blog post to keep in Project Life and it goes into depth that I might not find the room or time to do otherwise.


Took a picture of his truck and his newest game obsession (Pokemon Go). It was a lot easier to put these pages together than I thought it would be.  Let’s face it, he’s VERY used to me taking pictures of him by now…  He’s always willing to play along with me.  Love you, baby!


Next up is my Mom:


Her favorite colors are pink and blue and I’m just now realizing that I didn’t use any blue…  Oops.  I’ve got to take her interview card next time we visit (Daddy’s too).  I like the interviews filled out by the person.  Gets them involved in making the pages.


Just a pretty something to include as an insert that reminds me of a fun shopping spree in Estes Park with Mama!


I included pictures of her doggy babies, our love of gardening and the excitement about building the new mountain house.  I had to include our shared love of John Denver and his music.  I wish I had included the knit socks that she and I are currently working on…  I’m sure they’ll come up in another spread though.


And finally, to share today, Daddy’s pages!


His favorite colors are dark purple and gray.  I just noticed he’s wearing a vest in every single picture!  He’s on medication that makes him cold all the time.  We tease him about it.  He’s 82 years old.  He’s been through LOTS of very serious health issues but he’s a very strong man! (with a very deranged mini labradoodle, pictured upside-down here.)


Daddy and I share a love for pizza and excitement about following the Broncos!  He really is a “man of few words” these days and we wish he’d come out of his shell more…  but the priorities are health, happiness and love.  He’s got all of those!


I’m currently working on a week about my doggy daughter, Boo-berry, which is proving to be lighter and lots of fun, with girly colors and frilly things.  I’ll share soon.  She’s loving all the attention!


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