I love Project Life!

Sometimes time goes by so quickly, it’s shocking!  And when I look back at these weeks in my scrapbook, all I feel is love and gratitude for the little, happy things in life…  things that I would have forgotten by now.

It’s already the end of August!  The cool mornings already feel like fall and I have already seen red leaves…

I love this project.  I love taking the pictures.  I love writing the thoughts.  I love making it pretty. I stay inspired and enthusiastic also because I’m not doing it alone.  One friend, in particular,  has swapped cards with me several times and discussed weekly themes and kept it so much fun!  You know who you are!  Thank you, friend!


Without further delay, here’s what the last few weeks have looked like around here.  First up is a week when both the boys stayed in Colorado.  I did a whole lot of nothing – played with paint, smooched on a dog (and maybe a husband), watched the garden grow.  It was awesome.


Jennifer and I went out for just drinks this time and discovered why our husbands always enjoyed “beering” together!  We had so much fun.


The next week, the theme was drinks or coffee or both…  Used some of my favorite mugs for the first time in a long time.  (I exclusively use a travel mug these days because I hate to keep returning to the kitchen to reheat my coffee.)


Used Ali Edwards’ Stuff Story Kit and a few miscellaneous pieces.


This was a simple theme but so much fun!


Next was a more normal week.  I made a point to create something for an insert.  I like inserts and I haven’t been doing them much lately.


That dryer full of doggy stuffies was the result of having to bug bomb our house for fleas, which I realize now, only got one, small journaling card…  It was kinda traumatic, I must have repressed most of the ordeal!

I really should have put a small picture on that story cork thingy…  But oh that deer!  Isn’t she beautiful?!


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at 6×12 pages and I think these two turned out really nice…  I’ve grown to love mixed media pages with paint sprays and splatters!  The more the better!


And never before in my life have I loved pink as much as I love pink now!  I have no idea what’s gotten into me…


I included a screen print of a couple text conversations on this page because I have such cute and clever friends and such a sweet husband!


Next up is Will Week!  It’s all about our Dood! (and his interests and his stuff)  He didn’t mind.  Believe me, my children are used to this kinda thing!


Included a short interview:


Had to include silly selfies!  And HAD TO DOCUMENT, “Love you more.”


Next up?  It’s Bee’s turn!  I asked them what their two favorite colors were and those are the colors I went with.


I made these journaling cards ages ago.  They were supposed to look completely different and when they turned out bright and primary color-y, I didn’t like them.  Instead of throwing them out, I held onto them and wouldn’t you know it – Scotty says these are his favorite colors and the polka dots look like a playful young man!  Right?

I had to paint the date card because I didn’t have any cards or paper these colors.  But we had purchased paint for some arty project Scotty had done earlier in the year.

This boy’s catch phrase these days is, “Love you too bad.”


Another interview and a selfie:


Oh, I love those boys something awful!

I’m currently doing a week about my honey.  And I’ve already filled the pockets the next two weeks with my Mom’s favorite colors and then my Dad’s.

Oh, you know what?  There needs to be a Boo Week, doesn’t there?  I’ll work on it…



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