Homeschool Update Aug. 2016

Nope, they are not looking forward to starting school again…  I can’t relate.  I never loved school when I was a kid, but I did love buying all the school supplies and the new clothes and going back and getting started again.  Maybe it’s a gender difference?  Maybe it’s a homeschool/traditional school difference?  I dunno…

These days I look forward to starting up again because I’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating lesson plans and finding exactly the right materials and I’m excited about sharing it all with them!

So, go back, we shall…  on September 7th.  I fret a little at the thought of all my time being taken up with school again, but as they get older, I’m really trying to be more hands-off and encourage independent learning.  It still takes most of my days, but it’s so worth it and I still love doing it for them!

So, here’s the plan for the upcoming year:

For math, Will will resume his work in Math U See Zeta and Scotty will begin Zeta!  (Almost forgot to order Scotty’s new book – he was in a tizzy…  NOT!)  Math is one subject that I’ll be learning along with them this year.  They’re beginning decimals and algebra and I just don’t remember that stuff.  In order to help them, I’ll have to take the class too!  (I’m actually looking forward to it.  In high school, I thought I hated math – I think I have a more open mind about it now.)


For Science we’ll continue Exploring Creation with Physical Science.  We should finish this before the year is up, so we’ll fill in at the end with Youtube/internet research studies of subjects that interest the boys.  This book contains lots of hands-on science experiments that the boys really enjoy!


For Literature and Language Arts we’ll be returning to Easy Grammar as a refresher course and Introduction to Literature for reading and writing.  I have mixed feelings about our Literature book – if I remember correctly, the “classics” that we’ll be reading were some of my least favorite reading ever!  They are “classics” however, and as such, students are required to read them…  God only knows why…

We’ll also be using for SAT vocabulary word exposure.


For Health – I never found anything I was terribly excited about.  I bought the book below, even though it’s written for a younger audience.  It goes over some pretty complicated stuff about nutrition and metabolism.  The problem is…  it’s written in the metric system.  Suggested amounts of certain nutrients that people should eat  are given in metric measurements.  I don’t want to spend time changing them…  So, this book is out.

I’ve since found a good, free resource online, written specifically for teenagers at   Along with reading from this website and possible additional research, the boys will resume cooking family dinners and doing treadmills three times a week.


Also had a bit of a quandary with history…  I could never find exactly what I wanted…  I wanted to continue our studies chronologically but couldn’t find anything I liked about contemporary times.  I had settled for an expensive, online program that did NOT cover what I wanted.  But when I gave it time to percolate, I found .  Not only does it list relevant movies, but it also has learning guides and discussion questions.  We’ll spend two days watching a movie and then the rest of the week doing research on the time or characters. The website has other activity suggestions as well.  I found a timeline that I like a lot that will help me decide what to cover.

I hear there’s a new Assassin’s Creed video game coming out in January, I think…  It’s set in ancient Egypt.  And although we’ve done ancient history already, we’ll probably delve back into it when the game hits the shelves.

Not required by the Department of Education but necessary, we feel, for a foreign language study, we’ll be returning to Spanish at Duolingo!


There’s been talk, among the family, of a computer programming class this year.  I haven’t heard any concrete information yet and I’m not sure it’s actually going to happen.  We’ll see…

We’ll be doing standardized testing in October too.  Wish us luck!

For now we have 2 more weeks left of summer break to do whatever we want!


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