(Project) Life Update

It seems busier and busier times are upon us.  We knew it would be this way while we’re in the thick of building the new mountain house.  And I’m not complaining.  But things have to give and blogging is a few items down on the priority list, sadly…

I’m using the Project Life updates to do the real life updates here…  So let’s get started, shall we?  First off, I’d like to thank a sweet friend for this week’s journaling cards! (you know who you are!  xx) I love them and had to use them immediately upon receiving them!  These pages are already 3 WEEKS OLD.  It feels like yesterday.  Time is really flying!


It’s full blown summertime around here!  It’s hot, there are almost daily afternoon thunderstorms, things are blooming everywhere, pollen is killing Scotty and me and we’ve picked the first few squash and tomatoes!


We spent 10 days in Colorado this time, the boys and Scott getting some serious work done up at Big Elk!


The wildflowers are at their peak on our mountain and they look a little different every time we go.  It’s so much fun to see each time we arrive!

The dog run has been leveled and we’re now considering roofing and windowing it to use it as a greenhouse as well!  It’s still in the “figuring it out” phase but if it’ll work, it’s pretty exciting!



Decided to join a friend and do a Project Life week spotlighting food. (Word dies are a Tim Holtz set that I found on Amazon.)


Not much to talk about here, except that I’m doing better, overall, than I thought I was…


We ended this week back in Colorado – which changes the eating habits quite a bit because we mostly eat at restaurants there.  It’s fun but a little more difficult to make the healthiest choices…

(Used another cute journaling card from my friend here:  LOVE that little coffee cup flair badge!)


The last week is a lift from the brilliant Ali Edwards.  The journaling cards were all Ali’s design idea and I loved them.  This week was a mix of being home and ending the week in Colorado again.  But this time, we left the boys there and came home without them!  HA!

So the week that I’m currently working on will be mostly boy-free…  it’s just weird!


I picked my first zucchini this week!  It’s always so exciting when the garden first starts producing.  There were 3 tiny little tomatoes and 2 Crookneck squash also (that I gave to Mama – because she loves them too.)

All the washi tapes used on the journaling cards are the navy collection from Heidi Swapp.  It was too pretty to pass up last time I was in Michael’s.



First time wearing a hair piece out in public is documented below.  I was so pleased that it stayed in place on a very windy day – it made me more confident to wear it more often.

Sorry about  hiding a face on this page.  I wanted to document my feelings but it isn’t my story to tell.  I clone painted her fur collar and it looks really odd but it gives her some privacy.



We were very excited to see that our new fence is finally going up!  We love the way it looks and it’s wildlife friendly!  I’ll have to do a Big Elk update real soon.  Things are going to be moving very quickly the rest of the summer.  We should have an enclosed house by October!   Then things will really get crazy, with most of the interior work being done by us!  We’re all talking about what we want to do to celebrate…  I’ll keep you posted.

Also on the plan is a blog post about the upcoming homeschool year.  I just received approval from the state to homeschool for the upcoming year and I’ll be sharing what we decided to do.

Right now, I’m still enjoying the Hell out of summer break, art journaling, gardening, traveling, dreaming, being thankful and loving  my family, my friends and my life!

Have a fabulous rest of your week.  I’m hoping to check in again before 3 weeks pass!



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