Project Life – scrap bin challenge and Ali’s Tough Story Kit

I LOVED the idea of using only scraps from your left-over bin for a Project Life spread.  I’ve done it once before this year.  If you could see the abundance that is my scrap bin, you’d know already that I’ll be doing this challenge again.  The formal challenge (and I can’t remember where it came from, sadly)  was to use scraps and stamps.  I don’t have a history of using my stamps very much but I’ve always wanted to and love the look so this challenge is just perfect for me!


The first week that I’m sharing was a great balance of staying home and traveling.It was also a very exciting week for our Scotty, who was extremely happy to get his braces off!

We are officially on summer break now, so the kids are in Heaven – with lots of free time to do what they like! (and Will’s getting rich again, cutting the grass every week!)


Documenting my Alopecia journey and taking a GIANT step in the process – buying wigs.  The areas of my scalp that are active are red, inflamed and itchy – they’re easy to see even before the hair lets loose and knowing this, I know that the end is not in sight yet.  There will be more hair loss before this episode is over.  That being said, I was stressing out a little about how I was going to approach this.

Head scarves don’t look like me, hats are cute but very casual.  This is where wigs come in.  There’s a learning curve involved with wearing wigs and the wig shop was wonderful, helping to find wigs that look good on me, but there wasn’t much education on how to take care and how to secure it to your head and how to hide  your real hair.  I’ve learned a lot from other ladies on Instagram who have Alopecia and are a little further on the journey than I.  I’m really thankful for their input.

And although I wasn’t real stressed out about this whole situation any longer, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when I made the decision to stop steroid injections.  They really weren’t helping enough to justify the cost and the pain and the potential side effects.  Also INSTRUMENTAL IN MY ACCEPTANCE OF THIS SITUATION was my friends’ advice on Facebook last week.  I posted all these pictures and polled family and friends: “Is it time to start wearing wigs?”  The overwhelming consensus was to do what makes me feel good.  What a wise bunch they are!


The second week I’m sharing was indeed TOUGH.  When Ali Edwards announced that she was releasing a Story Kit  with “Tough” as the theme, I thought I’d never use it…  Sadly, it felt right this week.


We lost a sweet friend on June 20th to…  we don’t know.  She was admitted to the hospital and was put into an induced coma and the doctors were not able to find anything wrong with her before her organs failed and she passed away.  She was 55 years old.  Vicky was fearless and strong and one of the most generous people I’ve ever known.  She will be missed for a very long time.




The rest of the week was spent trying to stay busy and trying not to think about the loss of another friend.  The memorial service was on the 25th and it finally felt like we could start recovering.


After this sad time and this sad documentation, I asked a friend to help me think of a fun theme to do in my Project Life book this week.  It’s something new, I’ve never done before and I’m having fun putting it together.  I’ll share soon!

Have a great day!



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