Catching up

Three weeks!  Three weeks and I haven’t posted any Project Life?  I know you’re thinking, “I bet she’s fallen behind,”  but NO!  I’m still very enthusiastically doing it, playing with different challenges and techniques.  I don’t love them all, but I’m having fun!

This first week I’m sharing, I’m lovingly referring to as my “Watercolor Week”.  I absolutely love watercolors!  Can’t get enough of them.  So I’ll probably doing another watercolor week soon.  I made the watercolor/word cards after watching a tutorial from Molly at Eat.Craft.Run.  They’re an embossing resist.


Also used a free share watercolor design from Pine and Plum. (the “Dream a Big Dream” card) and Ali Edwards’ Messy Circles stamp!

Uh oh, do you see what I see?  There’s a picture of a math test where some boy scored very poorly…  (It happens so rarely, I thought I’d include it here.)


THAT BRAT MADE ME GO TO THE DOUGHNUT SHOP!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE?!  Ok, truthfully I put up a little bit of resistance but not much.  It was awesome hanging out with my baby and it was fun getting a doughnut together!  I loved the doughnut design on the shop’s bag so I included it here!


On the backside of the doughnut bag, something totally unrelated:  my Alopecia journey continues.  Started Womens Rogaine today along with continued steroid injections every 3-4 weeks.


Oh yes, I remember now, this was Memorial Day weekend.  Scott and Scotty went fly-fishing and Dood and I stayed home with Guh and Umpa and had fun!  I love just hanging out with them.  I’ve grown up to be a real home body.  I guess that’s where my kids get it from.  And I feel almost as much at home at Mama and Daddy’s house as I do at my own.


Week two that I’m sharing this time is a mixture of scraps and the challenge to do all the journaling in a list format.  The journaling that isn’t done in a list, I just forgot to do it that way and was too lazy to go back and change it.  I figured it was close enough.  I used a few bits and pieces from my Ali Craft Story Kit on this one too!  I think this is the third layout I’ve done with that kit and I still have quite a bit left too!

Documenting my crafty side:  crafting with Debbie on Memorial Day, knitting with my Mom, beginning my newest art journal/altered book, and practicing face drawing.  I’m having so much fun!


Also on this page, I documented my poor baby girl’s storm anxiety.  It’s gotten so bad that we’ve sought help from the vet.  We’ll be getting an anti-anxiety prescription soon.  For now, she’s taking Benadryl for her nerves when I know there’s a storm coming.  It makes her so drowsy and lethargic though and I hate seeing her like that – so unlike her normal self.

I was pretty upset also when I noticed the description on the vet bill said, “Senior Exam.”  I told the doctor, “She’s only 6 years old!”  Yep, 6 is considered young senior.  I can’t think about that too much.  So let’s move along…

I completely missed the baby doves leaving the nest this year.  Will came and told me that he saw one of them fly away.  In my fear of scaring off their very skittish mom, I missed the whole thing…


We’ve been staying home a lot lately.  It’s been lovely!


Week three, I VERY appropriately used my new Home Bodies kit from Brandi Kincaid!  I took her doodle class at Big Picture Classes several weeks ago and fell in love with her art and she seemed so nice – I’ve been following her on Instagram and snagged this cute little kit from her etsy store.  You can shop her store here:


I’m using some Adele Toomey/Scrapaholics Anonymous/Inkie Quill techniques pretty frequently lately – especially the busy photo mattes.  I like it for something different!

I was going to put side-by-side pictures of me pointing to my wonky tooth and my friend, pointing to her wonky tooth…  but I thought she might kill me…

I got to bake a birthday cake for a friend this particular week too.  That was fun!


I also shared some art journal pages and documented about finishing up school for this academic year!  Woo hoo!  In the fall, we’ll have two high schoolers…  WHAT?


We’re all caught up.  The current week that I’m doing now, I’m re-using the challenge to use only things from your scrap bin.  I think it’s turning out lovely.

Coming up in another post soon, I want to catch you up on the altered book/art journal.  I’ve been trying out some new techniques there too and really opening some creative doors, I think…  I hope.

I’m outta here for now.  Enjoy your day!






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