The REAL Project Life

I can not believe it’s been almost a month since I posted.  Life has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?  As you’ll see, I’ve managed to find time to keep up with Project Life and my art journal class (up until the last week of class) but it hasn’t been easy.  I’ve felt pulled in a hundred directions and I’ve let it get to me.  I quit working out, quit dieting, quit meditating.  You think with everything I quit doing that I’d have all the time I needed.  But stress sneaks up on me.  Life feels like it’s a really good full but then I find a new Alopecia spot:


or realize I haven’t been eating healthfully and uh-oh…


Hello, Tina, PEACE is your word.  It’s your focus, it’s your center.  What the Hell are you doing?

Well…  I started making time for the treadmill again this week!  I joined Weight Watchers and I’m really enjoying it – especially because the whole family is on board and that makes it way more fun!  I spent one whole day this week in the garden!  For me, that counts as meditation. (until the muscles are sore for days afterward…proof that I need to get my butt back on the treadmill, as if I needed more proof.)

We’re home this weekend, but it’s the first one we’ve spent at home in 4 weeks.  Regular time away from home really puts a kink in things…  It’ll be so much easier when we take summer break from school.  We have at least a couple more weeks to go though.

So here’s the documentation of everything I’ve been talking about:


Undoubtedly, the most stressful part of the last 3 weeks was little Miss tootsie-pop.  She decided on May 3rd that it was time for her to go.  She passed away at Mama and Daddy’s house, being held by her Daddy – as long as she was in his arms, that’s where she’d have wanted to be.  She was always his,  nope, he was always hers.  I miss her everyday.  Just yesterday, I woke up and started looking for her medicine to give her with breakfast.  Just today, I thought I heard her cry and got up to check on her.

I’ve lost doggy kids before.  I know that time heals.  But  you never forget and at any given moment the sadness can be overwhelming.  It’s impossible to forget unconditional love.  Little tooshy would have been 18 on June 10th.  But she wasn’t having fun anymore.  I believe she hurt most of the time.  Her quality of life was really suffering.  I believe, in my heart, that if there is a God, then my doggy children are with him in Heaven now.


The picture below of tooshy and Boo napping together in my spot in bed, is the last picture I got of our little tiny girl.  There aren’t pages and pages of sadness, covering her life because I can’t handle that.  She deserves volumes but it would tear me apart.  So we continue on…


Always when we’re in Colorado, we make a trip up to Big Elk to check on construction progress.  It’s going along pretty well at the moment but we just got word from our builder that his schedule is about 8 weeks behind.  He was supposed to start early June and now it looks like it’s going to be August.  I just hope we have an enclosed structure before the first Fall snow up there!

Also note-worthy, the beautiful, blue, watercolor cards in the pages below were made for me by a friend.  They are gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to use them!  Thank you, friend!


My honey bought me flowers for Teachers’ Day!


I LOVE when my honey and my boys make me cards!  And I was spoiled rotten this Mother’s Day:



Oh my gosh, those blue cards are gorgeous!  Also on the page below, I made a Gold Rush pie – the first one in probably 20 years.  I’ve got to make them way more often.  Daddy and I love them!  (and frankly, I was a little out of practice…  I can do it better!)

Also I took my mother out to afternoon tea for Mother’s Day.  It was so much fun, just the two of us, getting away and doing something.  We need to do this again. There are lots of places to do afternoon tea in Colorado.  Who knew?


Then the week of the 9th-15th was WEEK IN THE LIFE!!! (that was yelled like Oprah yells when she’s giving away stuff.)  I took all the pictures and documented everything, I’ve printed the pictures and put them in their pockets.    I’m waiting to get the big pictures from Persnickety Prints and waiting to see what Ali Edwards does with embellishments before I finish up.


Here are the art journal pages I’ve done.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the songs lists!  The list on the left was written by my mother and I love it!

Also in this group of art journal pictures,  is the second art journal page that I absolutely hate:  the one that says “Beautiful Home”.  I chose those colors because they’re the colors of our home, but it just looks chaotic – evokes a hectic mood and that’s exactly the opposite of what I was trying to do…  Ugh…  Can’t win them all.

The art journal class is over and I’m hoping to finish up the last few prompts this coming week.  Not if it’s going to be difficult to fit it in though…  that kinda defeats the purpose of art for me…

Today is Sunday and we’re going to spend some time in the garden today, all four of us.    We have bunny proofing to do and need to turn on the sprinklers.

Scott and I are going to be grinding beef this afternoon too – should be interesting…  (we buy beef every year from a local rancher and last year we ordered too many roasts and not enough ground beef.  So we’re going to try to fix that ourselves.  It sounds like a very gross task for this ex-vegetarian.  Maybe this is a job that the boys can help Daddy do…)

Also, on Sundays we try to do something fun together too, all four of us – even if it’s just a movie in the evening.  (Sadly our teenagers don’t consider the gardening part of the show to be fun…  weird teenagers.)  My point being, today should be a really good day. It’s starting off very promising with my second cup of coffee and sunshine and blue skies!  I hope you have a fantastic Sunday too!


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