Beautiful, Normal Life

This week’s Project Life documentation shows the bliss of Everyday Life stories!  These are the stories that I love to look at in my older scrapbooks.

When I first saw a friend do this black and white spread, I knew I had to do it.  I love how it turned out and I’m sure I’ll be doing this again!


It’s bunny season here in Western Nebraska.  We lovingly refer to it as Teletubby Land. They’re everywhere!  (I seem to remember a similar phenomena in Iowa too.)


Scott was in Denver most of this week, so I guess it wasn’t a very typical week for us but it was typical that life didn’t feel or look right until he got home on Friday.  It was a good week but we missed our Daddy.  We made up for it on the weekend, doing lots of family activities with him and not really doing our normal – each of us following our own individual passions…  It was a perfect weekend!


I need to remember to use different photos than the ones I use in Project Life.  (Also played with matting a photo with layers of tissue paper.  I saw Adele Toomey do this on her live Youtube scrapstream a couple weeks ago and loved how it looked, soft and feminine.)  Here’s a look at my memory planner for the week:


And finally, here are my entries in my Messy Lists/art journal for this week.  Not sure how I was able to get them ALL done already…  I am enjoying this class more and more!   I’ve even convinced my cousin to accompany me to a scrapbook convention in May to take an art journal class!  I can’t wait.  It’s been years since she and I have done a convention!  We deserve this!

I knew when I started this class that my book (that the lovely Vanessa Oliver Lloyd made) wouldn’t have enough pages.  I’m going the easy route and just adding a Traveler’s Notebook band. I’ll probably slip plain white cardstock pages in there and make my daily entries on watercolor paper that I adhere to the foundation page…


I’m really loving how this little book is looking, all big and crinkly and loved-looking!


I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick around for another session with .  I’ve purchased  enough art supplies  that I can really have fun doing a lot of different things!

I better close for now.  We’re expecting snow again tonight, so there won’t be a cabin check this weekend.  We’ll be busy drinking hot stuff, wearing snuggly things and staying warm.  Really looking forward to late May and garden time!

Have a peaceful weekend, friends!


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