Home School Update

Usually this time of year, we’re really starting to slow down in our school efforts and it’s becoming obvious that summer break is right around the corner, but not this year.  We have set some goals that need to still be met and I’ve decided that we’ll be going through early June this year in order to reach those goals.

Our main goal is for both boys to finish our current math book!  Will’s got it made.  He’s taking the last chapter test tomorrow and will have his FIRST EVER FINAL EXAM later this week.

0421161003 (1)

Scotty is five chapters behind Will, so five more full weeks of math and possibly a sixth to test.

A couple of weeks ago we finished all my plans for history!  After much research, I’ve decided to move on to World Geography in the fall.  For now we’re doubling up on Science instead of starting a new History book.  And the boys are both doing fantastic in their first high school level science text!


I’m very proud of them.  And we’re all enjoying the experiments that come along with this book!  The experiment below took all the air out of the yellow can to show the impact of atmospheric pressure.  They thought it was pretty cool.


We began our high school level Language Arts books about a month ago.  I was a little taken aback by the huge leap we were taking in the complexity of spelling words but they’ve handled it very well!  Having made a 95% and 100% on the first test!  This is the first time also that they’ve done the reading completely independently.  They’re solely responsible for the information.  I trust that they’re really reading it because of their enthusiasm to talk to me about the story!  They’re enjoying the book!  (The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford.)  I’ve made a deal with them that when they finish the book, we’ll watch the movie! (and make popcorn!)  We’re also doing an additional Grammar textbook that is going very slowly, not sure why.  We’ll keep plugging away at it.


We’re hit and miss with the cooking but they average cooking probably 50% of the time.  If they follow a recipe, I always tell them to make a recipe and a half, so that they have to do the math!

0424161729 (1)


I really think Scotty enjoys cooking.  He loved cooking toys when he was little and now he enjoys the real thing!


We’ve gotten farther in Duolingo Spanish this time than I’ve gotten the previous two times I’ve done it alone, so this is exciting for me.  I’m finally learning new words and learning new things along with the boys.

They’re still doing the treadmill for physical education three times a week.  (although their teacher has fallen off the treadmill wagon lately…  Sigh)  We’ve also started gardening again which is a GREAT excuse to get outside, get exercise and sunshine!  We’ll be planting the garden in another 3 weeks!

The boys have been much more diligent in their efforts to do well since we instigated a few new school performance rules!  Anything below an 80% is unacceptable and is subject to grounding.  It’s a big bummer but it has improved their performance greatly!


I’ve been thinking a lot about our school plans for next year.  There’s been a delay in getting the state paperwork sent out because of some new state legislation.  I wonder if the state is going to extend the deadline to get the paperwork filed? Probably not…  But I have a pretty good idea what we’re going to do.  Should be fun!



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