Project Life, the Pink Edition

Another pretty, blessed and normal week around here.  No special theme other than the color pink this time!  I’m in a Springy, pastel-y kind-of mood lately, I guess.


Our front garden was full of tulips, all colors, when we bought the house 10 years ago.  Now I’m documenting the only ones left that I haven’t managed to kill.   Sigh…  They are beautiful!


Another picture of the tulips below on the insert that I lovingly titled Springtime Garden because I CAN NOT wait to be growing stuff!   I’m documenting the early bloomers here.


I had it on my list for several weeks:  fertilize the strawberries.  I never got around to it…  So we’ll only have a handful of berries again this year…  Probably just enough for Boo and the bunnies.

Oh there is a picture included on this insert that isn’t garden related.  Will snuck a cake mix into our buggy at the grocery store a couple weeks ago…  When I saw it, I thought I’d save it for a rainy day.  How can you go wrong with anything Krispy Kreme flavored, right?  Honestly, this cake tasted weird…  Scott LOVES Krispy Kreme, he did not love this cake.  It was pretty though…


Then on the last foundation page, more normal stuff:  home school, Heidi Holly came to play for a bit, tootsie-pop got a bath and was exceptionally cute and I got to play with paint and stencils on Sunday!  Just good ol’ everyday life! (and a lot of pink!)


Also thought I’d share a page in my relatively new Heidi Swapp Memory Planner.  I’m not so sure about this project…  It seems kinda repetitive when I’m doing Project Life also…  I love the little book and I may end up using it as my planner planner…  Not sure yet.

IMG_9311 (1)

Because I’m really loving my current planner planner a lot too…

And finally here’s a look at my latest Messy Lists/art journal pages.  I’m loving this class and I’m finding that I’m playing more and I’m more at ease with making a mess as the class progresses.  It’s been a lot of fun!

It looks like I’ve been very busy!  But it’s all really so much fun and therapeutic!  My mission this afternoon is to find some new veggie recipes and to play with GELATOS!  Wish me luck!



One thought on “Project Life, the Pink Edition

  1. You definitely have more going on in your garden than we do! We’ve just got spring flowers (daft, tulips , bluebells, grape hyacinth & primrose. Things are starting to grow, but no sign of the strawberries doing anything yet ….
    Thank goodness for my greenhouse!
    Another fabulous peek into your live, keep them coming x

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