Project Life, April 4 – 11

This week I decided that I wanted to use some Project Life cards that a friend made for me!  And she made them in my current favorite color – teal!  So that’s the theme this week! (Thank you, friend!)


I’ve included a picture of the above mentioned friend on the first page because she’s cute and she makes the page cuter!  ( I stole her profile picture from Facebook.  I’m sneaky that way.)

So our week started out really good, hanging out at home, beautiful weather, school going great! I found time to find PEACE outdoors, playing with Boo.  LOVE THAT!  Started thinking about putting the garden back together…IMG_9303

In the middle of the week the boys and I had decided to try a new recipe.  Cooking counts as Health and Math once in a while, when we need to shake things up.  My friend, Jackie came to the rescue with the perfect, simple recipe:  English scones.  (she should be a pretty reliable expert in all things English…  since she lives in England…)  She baked them at her house the same day that we baked ours and we shared pictures.  It was a lot of fun.  And the scones were so good.  Since then my Mom has made them too and both my Mom and Dad loved them.  If you’d like a really easy, special treat, try this recipe:  (Thank you, Jackie!)


So I made an insert for the week, talking about the Bake-off!

0408161626 (1)

0408161626a (1)

Then on the back side I needed the space to cover the week, so just pictures from the second half of the week.

Slowly but surely by Thursday, all four of us had fallen victim to a nasty little respiratory virus.  Scott’s had it the worst, but we’ve all been under the weather for over a week now.  I just started feeling like myself today again.  I was so happy!


I included a note that Will wrote me on the last page.  (This is a blatant rip-off from Ali Edwards’ Project Life book, but so brilliant I had to do it.)  And I stuck with more teal to close it out.


I also wanted to share a little bit from my first attempt at art journaling. I’m taking an online class called Messy Lists that combines one of my favorite journaling/list making classes with art journaling.  I signed up for it because it was way out of my comfort zone.  And it has been a challenge!  My entries have been hit and miss but I’m having fun and learning how to work with new stuff.  If you’d like to check out art journaling, you can find the Messy Lists/Get Messy people here:

Thanks for taking an interest in what I’m up to.  Hope you’re filling your days with fun stuff too!



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