Project Life – March 21 – April 3, 2016

Not a whole lot going on this first week.  This is the first time this year that I haven’t had an insert for the weekly spread.  I used several of the cards from the Project Life class from Ali Edwards on this one!


Early in the week, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to get to Colorado for Easter or not.  We got two snowstorms early in the week, both closing the highways…

I’ve been really excited about finally getting my DNA results back.  99% European…  hmmm, what happened to the great grandmother who was a full Native American?  NOT THERE!  This just fascinates me and I’m dying to know more.  I’ve been trying to get some family tree information from my aunt in Georgia for over a year now.  Someday…


The weather cleared up and we DID get to go to Colorado to celebrate Easter with my folks.  My Mom cooked an amazing meal!  It’s always fun to just hang out at their house!  Scott and I went to check on cabin progress too.  Snow is delaying work right now but it was fun to go see anyway.  They got the septic tank placed and the forms built for the footers for the cabin basement.


The second week I’m sharing this time is below and it’s so pretty and blue…  I hate to break it up with the Day in the Life inserts, but I probably will.  I’m just waiting on hard copies from Persnickety at the moment.  I’ll make them 6×12, so maybe I’ll still be able to see the blue on both pages…


I used Ali’s Craft Story Kit to put this spread together and focused on real crafting and crafting the life that I want.  I had envisioned pictures of food too, but talking about life, in general, won out.


I played with some watercolors this week and made some simple cards.  The blue one above with “Made with Love” stamped on it and the one below with the tree and stars were cards that I painted.  I made more colors:  teal that I’ll be using in my One Little Word book and pink and yellow.  WHY AM I INTO ALL THESE SOFT PASTELS ALL OF A SUDDEN?  I’m a dark red, dark purple, dark green kind of girl!  What’s wrong with me?

I really had fun with the paint though!  And there’s more of that in my future!


Below is the cover for my new art journaling class.  The title of the class is Messy Lists and clearly I’m having trouble with the messy aspect…

I won this little book from a drawing from my last 30 Days of Lists class and I love it so much that I’m having a hard time thinking about altering it.


I painted on separate paper and adhered it to the front cover for my first entry.  The Get Messy Art Journal people provide the list prompt and the art prompt…  It’s outside of my normal and that’s what appealed to me so much.

I’m sure I’ll let loose and get messier as the month goes on… I hope…


That’s it for this time.  Today has been a busy day.  Our first day of school, starting the new 4-day week, so it was a long one.  Scott was home sick again today and that upsets the dynamic pretty dramatically…  I’m working on making him well and more importantly, he’s working on making himself well!

Looking forward to playing a little tonight and then reading in bed with the goldendoodle girl.  Should be just the thing I need.  Have a great one!




2 thoughts on “Project Life – March 21 – April 3, 2016

  1. Your pages are amazing and it’s great to read about your day to day life.
    I read your tough day with Will with interest, i hate those days, i hate being the one to enforce rules, i hate fighting with the kids BUT they have to know their boundaries, they need that (i’ve been to the presentation, i know!). Teenagers are wired to test the rules, and our enforcing of those rules resets their brains. You are a great mum and they love you for that x

    1. Where was I when there was a presentation going on? I do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to avoid punishment, give them choices, make deals with them, make them promise to do better… But I’m finally coming around to the revelation that the only thing that works for our boys is restricting screen time. It’s the only thing that gets their attention. And it’s so painful… It was hard.
      To be completely honest though, I love it when they’re grounded. We spend time together, quality time and do things together and really enjoy each other’s company… So it doesn’t break my heart entirely…

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