Day in the Life – 2016

Here are my photos from March 29th, Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life day!  It started way too early, when I woke at 4:30, unable to get back to sleep.


Here’s what my day looked like after that:








We realized, when we did the math the other day, that our little tootsie-pop isn’t going to be 17 this June.  She’s going to be 18!  This vet visit was just a check-up.  She ended up getting some eye drops and some vitamins and some diet advice.  She’s home and happy now.0329161146

Paid our Uncle Sam bill…  Sigh…




Heidi Holly ran away from home for a minute and the doggy girls had a smashing time for a little bit.  Dood is very good with Heidi and always so understanding about taking her home!


For you guys who don’t know, Heidi is Boo-berry’s biological half sister and she lives 2 houses down the street from us.  Our friend, Thad was her person.  Heidi’s mom tells me that Heidi is having some behavior issues lately…  Aren’t we all, sweet doggy girl…



What the Hell took me so long to get a planner???  (I’ll share my new Heidi Swapp Memory Planner soon!)


I had cooked Mexican Chicken in the slow cooker for dinner but when I found out (at the last minute) that my husband was going to work late, we opted for an easier dinner and put the chicken away for the next day, when Daddy would be home.    **  Sadly, Daddy didn’t care for it…  You win some, you lose some…


Ended up only being a couple inches of snow and it has melted quickly but it came in like a hurricane – thunder, lightning, wind!


Boo-berry has developed a strong fear of thunder and lightning this year…  It’s going to be a long summer for her, if I don’t figure out how to help her…  She just wants to sit on me when she’s scared.


I started fading pretty early and Scott wasn’t home yet…  Managed to watch my favorite home improvement show, Scott got home shortly after, and Boo and I went to the bedroom to “read”.  (code for going to sleep)


I’m pretty sure I’ll be using all these pictures and the Day in the Life mini kit to put together an insert for the Project Life week.  I want to wait to see what Ali does with hers before I decide.  It was fun and my family was very understanding about all the extra picture-taking.  (I’ve trained them well.)

I see already that I didn’t get enough pictures of me doing my stuff.  I need to do better with Week in the Life, coming up in May!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did, sharing all this stuff!  I loved seeing everyone’s take on it on Instagram!  (I hope my friend, Tracey’s participation means that she’s dabbling her toes in scrapbooking again…)



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