Do you like my hair?


Do you like my hair?  I kinda do.  For the first time in many years, I like my hair.  I don’t have to do much to it.  I’ve finally embraced the hair God gave me, no longer perming and bleaching and fretting.  I have still colored the grays up until recently, but I think I’m going to stop that as well.


I’m really not sure how much of that gold is store-bought color and how much is the lighting.  Those may even be my sparkly hairs…  But I like it.  I like not having to spend 30-45 minutes doing my hair every morning (like I did in my 20s).


All that being said, let me tell you what can happen when you have autoimmune thyroid disease…  because I’m tired of worrying that someone will notice and wonder if I have cancer.  Or someone will notice and wonder if I know what’s going on with my hair…

It’s very common to develop Alopecia Areata when you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  My endocrinologist should have known that!  She worried me needlessly about possibly having Lupus when she should have known!

Here’s what’s happening to my pretty hair:



I’m not freaking out anymore.  I did, believe me! I shopped for wigs and joked around with Scott that I was going to get a teal wig.  But you finally come to terms with things that you can’t control and realize…  it could be worse…  At least it doesn’t hurt…

As you see in the first pictures, I’m able to hide it very well.  It’s amazing the products they have available to hide bald spots!  And I got some really good news from my dermatologist last week (who immediately knew what my condition was !)  This is an autoimmune response, so with about 30 steroid injections in my scalp, (that was awfully unpleasant, by the way)  she has suppressed the immune response and she expects to see new growth next time I see her in 4 weeks!

I still have generalized shedding too, for which I’ve ordered Rogaine for Women.  The dermatologist warned me about getting it on my face.  She’s had patients come in with unwanted hair on their faces where they accidentally touched it with Rogaine…  (I’ll be very careful, Mama.)

Being an autoimmune response, it was probably triggered by a stressful event a few weeks ago.  And I immediately knew what the event was…  the loss of a sweet friend and worry for the people he left behind.  Dammit, Thad.  We miss you so much.



4 thoughts on “Do you like my hair?

  1. Well, yes i do like your hair, even more so now.
    I’m so proud of you, that can’t have been easy to write.
    You look amazing & i hope that you know that…
    So glad that you have found ‘peace’ and acceptance, sounds like you are totally in control.

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