Project Life – March 6 – 20

I held off on sharing this first week until I received the insert that I created on the Project Life app.  It’s the first time I’ve used it and the first time I’ve printed out digital scrapbook pages.  Honestly, I’m not sure about it…  But I’ll talk more about that later.


I’m getting better at remembering to keep the “stuff”.  On this page I included the business card from our doggy spa.  The pink fabric behind it was tied around little tootsie-pop’s neck when we picked her up, after having been groomed.

Documented a regular conversation between Will and me the last few days.  It goes something like this:

Will – “I love you more than the Xbox.”

Me – “I love you more than pizza.”

Will – “I love you more than Halo.”

Me – “I love you more than scrapbooking.”

Will – “Love you more than Destiny.”

Me – “Love you more than Twilight.”

We go on for a while sometimes…


I decided to put this sweet surprise in my book!  (I still may take it out and frame it though.)  It was a gift from a friend who knows me pretty well.  Thank you, friend!


The next two pages are the digital Project Life app pages.  I like the second one better than the first because I like the white background.  I didn’t notice when I was making them that one was white and one was black…  Live and learn…

I had to add physical/traditional elements to the pages.  They were just too plain on their own.


The insert pictures were all taken on my most recent girls’ trip to Ft. Collins and to the home school conference.  We always have so much fun!  We make it a full day of running mommy errands, and shopping for fun and eating out.  It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to and from Ft. Collins, that we always use to catch up.  We have some awesome conversations on our trips.  So thankful for my sweet friend, Katherine.  (and now her daughter is going with us and we have so much fun with her too…  I must admit I got a little silly with Anja on this trip and sometimes it felt like Katherine was the only adult…  It was fun though!)


Here’s the last page for the first week I’m sharing.  I included a card I picked up at a snobby chocolate shop that we visited on our shopping day and the customs form from the post office where I mailed Jackie’s last package.  (I wonder, Jackie, do you have to fill out a customs form every time you send me something?)  Also included a piece of the shopping bag from the Welsh Rabbit, a phenomenal little cheese shop in old town Ft. Collins.  I love the “Stuff of Life”!


On to the second week that I’m sharing.  I finally used some of the journaling cards from Ali Edwards’ shop! (along with some of the journaling cards we made in Ali’s Project Life class.)


On the first page, I’m sharing my current favorite breakfast:  cheese toast on sourdough bread, with real extra sharp cheddar and real butter.  I could make it fit into my diet, but I’m having too much fun right now trying NOT TO think about calories.


I loved this idea as soon as I saw it!  (thank you for the inspiration, you know who you are!)  Print the interview questions on a photo enlargement.  AND  all the questions are about me.  It’s been so fun to read the kids’ answers and talk about it.  I think in a couple more weeks, I’m going to do another and make the questions all about Scott!  Need a black and white picture next time or use a white pen.  But they’re much easier to read in real life than they are in these shots.  Will’s answers to the last two questions are:  9.  How do I make you laugh?  By playing with Boo and making her make weird noises. And 10. What do I do for a job?  a parent.


And here are Bee’s responses.  Neither kid knew how old I am, but they guessed young, so that’s good!  There’s clarification required for number 6. What am I not very good at?  He meant, “Proving that she loves Boo more than I love Boo.”


And here’s the final page.  I included a piece of Scotty’s math work, my grocery list and a picture of the current audiobook that I’m listening to when I treadmill.  Also included the card that Bark Box puts in their monthly kit.  Boo LOVES Bark Box!


Still loving this whole process and building the spreads a little each day.  I don’t know why I didn’t try this approach before now.  It’s so much more fun this way.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out some planner classes on I haven’t taken a class from them in several years.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join, because now there’s a membership fee.  Used to only pay for the class you wanted…  But there’s a free trial going on right now and I’m dying to see what they have for planner classes!  (Especially since I caved and ordered the new Heidi Swapp watercolor Hello planner!)  

I’m keeping busy with fun stuff lately, that’s for sure!  I hope you are too!



4 thoughts on “Project Life – March 6 – 20

  1. Love the questionaires. I had my daughter recently do this, but about herself and her interest entering the school year. I think I’ll have to do it ever year now!

  2. Your pages are fantastic, i’m so loving this…

    Your conversation with Will is brilliant, it’s so current – we know what he’s into and we know what you’re into – wonder how this conversation will go in a years time! It would be great to document that again..

    (i want to go on a doggy spa day – sounds fun)

    The PL inserts look really good quality, i’d like to see a 12×12 – i think that would look awesome!

    Re the customs form – i haven’t filled one out recently, i’m thinking it depends on which post office i go to and who’s behind the counter – there doesn’t seem to be a logical pattern. I’m going to keep one though, it looks good in a pocket!

    The questionnaires are brilliant, i love their answers … pizza (who knew!) I need to find some more – and soon!

    What is Bark Box?

    Thanks for sharing & good to see those boys working so hard!!

    1. Bark Box is a monthly subscription of dog toys and treats. Boo loves it! She is a very playful 6 year old! She goes crazy when her Bark Box arrives and even opens it herself!

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