Project Life, Feb 29- March 5

I’m loving Project Life like it’s brand new again!  And what’s making all the difference for me is putting the spread together a piece at a time, all throughout the week instead of cramming it all in on Sunday.  It’s a real joy to rediscover my first hobby!


The first part of our week was an excellent example of Everyday Moment Documentation.  We stayed home, did school, ate at home, played at home.  Basically it was perfect!


Oh, ok there was that one day that I didn’t feel like making lunch, so Bee and I went to Subway.  Dood was being a butt-head and decided to stay home…  His loss, ’cause we’re great company!


I still think it’s strange to realize that the main floor of our new cabin is going to be taller than my husband.  He’s holding the level above his head in the picture below.  The slope just doesn’t seem that steep…  We’ve since discovered that our master bedroom windows will look out into the tops of the trees.  It’s going to be AWESOME!


The weekend was spent at Guh/Umpa’s house and working at Big Elk.  Scott and the boys built a large section of the new fence and IT’S BEAUTIFUL!  We’re getting used to the every weekend traveling and I’m getting really quick at packing for a few days!  (hardly even need my list anymore…)

You may have noticed my pretty teal days-of-the-week dies in this spread.  They’re new and I think I  love them.  They’re Tim Holtz dies that I’m using with my Big Shot.  (birthday gifts from my parents.  THANK YOU, PARENTS!)


Also got my photo collage from Persnickety this week and added it to my One Little Word book for March.  Now just to keep putting those little, silver stars on my chore  accountability chart!


Finally, here’s my most recent pages for 30 Days of Lists.  I’m really enjoying the flexibility of this little journaling exercise, going all-out on some days and just writing a list on a Project Life card on others.  This is the third time I’ve done 30 Lists and I know it’ll be in my future again.  More immediately though, I’m making plans for Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life on March 29th!

So, yep, currently I’m loving paper.  Yarn is my main squeeze in the evenings when I want to hang out in the living room with my honey and when watching movies for homeschool with the boys.  I just finished up a pair of socks last week and I’ve been working on another this week.  But my main interest right now lies in paper.  (I’m going to The Loopy Ewe with my knitting buddy tomorrow, so that might change pretty quickly…)

I’m outta here.  Going to work some more on getting my next paper project set up:


Wish me luck.



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