Homeschool Right Now

This week was a good, solid week of learning, not completely swamped, not feeling like we’re taking it too easy.  It was just right.

Finally found a great balance for science:  we do the textbook, workbook and experiments when we’re home and Youtube science videos when we’re in Colorado.  Evens out nicely.


In our science experiment yesterday, we created a balloon full of oxygen and fed a flame with it.  The boys thought it was pretty cool but they REALLY ENJOYED lighting the matches…  good grief…


We watched Lincoln on Tuesday.  I thought it would be a little dry to keep the boys’ attention, but they really enjoyed it.  (and they recognized lots of the actors – James Spader, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and Hal Holbrook.)  I really enjoyed the movie too.


And I managed to finally finish this pair of socks while watching!


We’re all really enjoying this book:  Frightful’s Mountain.  It’s the third of three in the series by Jean Craighead George.  It’s so different from the first two books that centered on the main character, Sam Gribley and switched focus to his pet/friend Peregrine Falcon, Frightful.  

I hate to be done with this series, we’ve enjoyed it so much.  Soon I’ll have to find something new to read…


He’s reading science in the picture below, but I wanted to say that we’re still doing math daily with Math U See.  Will’s getting into some pretty tricky stuff and I’m so happy that I’m still able to help him, learning right along with him now!


We’re started doing Duolingo again when a homeschool friend of mine mentioned that she thought a foreign language was a requirement for most colleges these days…  (How’d I miss that?)

We do it together and it’s proving to be fun learning!  So happy that I’m able to help with this too, having had Spanish in high school and a little in college…

We do Spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Treadmills on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


We’re approaching the end of my Victorian Era/Industrial Revolution studies.  Today we’re learning about Nathaniel Hawthorne and watching The Scarlet Letter.   Still not sure what we’ll do after this.  Probably keep moving chronologically…

The boys are really doing well in Grammar too, catching on pretty quickly with the parts of speech we’ve done so far.  We’re only slightly into our grammar books and I already know that writing will come next…  For now the assignments are short and sweet, just the way we like them!

We’ve been very busy lately with the cabin building and taking every learning opportunity doing that stuff.  The boys and Scott staked out the cabin last weekend and got lots of math/geometry experience.

That’s it for this time.  Still loving having them learn at home!





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