Project Life. Feb. 22-28 and Other Stuff!

Project life, this week, was very quick to put together.  There’s no reason I should ever NOT have time to do this.   I practiced what Ali taught in the Project Life Storytelling class this week, preparing as the week goes along, documenting as things happen.  And it was all put together relatively quickly today…  AND I’m please with how it turned out.


That all being said, I started to work on this week’s spread the same way and realized that I’m not sure where to start…  I always get hung up on things matching the mood of my pictures and I don’t know what the pictures are going to be yet…  I need to get over that and just have fun.  It’s not rocket surgery…  LOL  I love the look of all the writing…  there, I said it.  I’ll definitely do this again!  The day-specific journaling reminds me so much of A Week in the Life, which has always been my favorite project!


Again, I wondered if I’d have enough photos to do the foundation pages and ended up adding an insert.  I take way more pictures than I think!


Lots of fun, exciting stuff going on right now in the mountains!  Rebuilding has really become REAL now, as we’re seeing physical things actually being done!  We were up there this past weekend to see the new drainfield and retaining wall.  Gotta call Jerry tonight and talk to him about putting up the new fence.  And the excavating company called this morning to tell us that they’ve started digging the basement/foundation!


So lots of pictures and documentation from Big Elk Meadows this week.  We spent all day Saturday up there, staking out the site and talking, met with the concrete guy, saw friends, Paul and Vickie, laughed, tried not to fall in the mud, took pictures (imagine that…) and dreamed of the day our little cabin will be habitable!


We got home from Colorado late yesterday.  Today I wanted to do school, of course,  One Little Word, and it’s the first day of 30 Days of Lists and I wanted to put together this week’s Project Life.  I knew that was way too ambitious when I started, but guess what?  Scott has a dinner meeting tonight, which means no cooking for me today, which means I CAN DO THIS!

So here’s the cover of my 30 Lists book, that I made mid-February.  I just book-ringed some 6 x 8 pocket page protectors and dressed up a heavy-duty transparency for the cover.  It was very quick and simple!


And here’s the first list:  Things that make me happy now!  (I picked up this little mini Project Life kit called Lucky Charm at Wal-mart over the weekend and it’s probably my favorite ever!  It looks like I designed it!  Actually it was designed by Dear Lizzy and it’s fabulous!)


I DID  get One Little Word done today too.  This month’s assignment is to make a vision board.  I’ve done vision boards and discovered that I don’t like them – making them or looking at them.  So instead of that,  I put together a photo collage that will go into my book.  So here’s my  {Peace} collage:


So that’s how my day went.  I had a lot of fun playing this afternoon.  Tomorrow we’ll do it all again!



One thought on “Project Life. Feb. 22-28 and Other Stuff!

  1. I love the way your PL album looks, so many fun photos but still plenty of words. I think you’ve got the balance just right.
    I’m loving the day to day cards, but i’m finding them a little restrictive when i want to say more – but there are no rules – right? We can approach this in anyway we want.

    Love your ‘vision board’, i’m not overly keen on this months prompt either, but i’m giving it a go, just for this year and if i don’t enjoy the final result then next year i’ll do something very different.

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