Project Life Feb 15-21

This entry into my Project Life book coincided with some pretty inspirational class material in Ali Edwards’  Storytelling with Project Life class.  There are different things going on this time,  more writing and dressing- up the pre-made cards a little.

It didn’t take that much more time and I love the results.  AND IT WAS FUN!  (This kind of memory keeping reminds me so much of the old style of scrapbooking, like when I was a little girl.  I just love the real life feel of it!)


It wasn’t an extraordinary week that I was recording here…  just normal stuff.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s exactly what I was missing.


When I started this spread I didn’t think I was going to have enough pictures to fill up the foundation pages, but I ended up wanting an insert to include everything.  (I HAD to document “The Walking Dead” and Carl getting his eye shot off…  YUCK!)


I had already printed out the picture of the book cover because I knew I wanted to start documenting my current read.  (see below)  I just adhered two circular chipboard stickers to make the tab on the insert.  Sometimes I get tired of the plain, white Avery office tabs…  (not often though…)


I included another, slightly larger insert for my class notes from Ali’s Project Life writing assignments.  There are two pages of these.  I thought this was a great home for them.  Even though it was just several quick writing practices, it was fun stuff to document.


And below  is the final foundation page.  I’m making room for purely decorative cards now too.  If that means more inserts, so be it.  I want it to look pretty too.


And then down there in the corner…  not sure if you can read that little tab, it says, “Personal (turn)”.


I had some personal documentation that I wanted to capture and remember.  (the nature of which is between a Mom and a Dad, but if my kids read it someday… that would be ok.)  I used a Snap photo flip for this and it was super easy to adhere and hides the personal journaling.


Oh boy, I almost didn’t even include the photograph below…  it hurts my head to look at a picture where the white balance is SO bad…  But the truth is, I was too busy to take the shot again and edit it again and I was dying to share!  These are some of the embellished cards that we made in Ali’s Project Life class.  I’m really happy with the look and confused as to why it never occurred to me to dress up these cards before…  I love the look of using all the middle pockets for documenting…  I may do that more often.  And stamping the days of the week on the cards and recording facts from each day:  LOVE IT.

This is the beginning of next week’s spread.  I have never assembled a spread as the week progressed.  I was always of the opinion that I wanted to wait and see what I had at the end of the week.  But I’m loving this process too!  Thank you, Ali.


I can’t wait to do spreads with themes this year too.  I’m planning to do a spread about our meals:  what we’re eating, what the boys are cooking, etc.  I might even focus on one family member at a time too.

I’m going to be doing a fun exchange with a friend soon too!  We’re going to be embellishing cards and creating cards to share with each other.  This is going to be fun!  I can’t wait, Jackie.  Going to play next week.

So that’s it this time.  I hope this finds you happy and enjoying the hell out of  life!






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