Project Life 2016

     My plan right now is to do monthly layouts.  Weekly is too big a commitment for me but I want to do this!  I love this process!  I think this is a good compromise.  Below is my cover page for 2016.


     A lot happened in January but with the overwhelming event being the passing of a dear friend, everything else seemed a little numb.  Needless to say, I didn’t take many pictures the whole month.


     Below is the pamphlet they handed out at Thad’s memorial service.  Dammit to Hell, the whole situation just makes me so angry still!  It was difficult to print these photos and more difficult to try to write about it…


We miss you so much, Thad.


     Later in the month, when the overwhelming sadness let up a bit, we were able to celebrate Will’s 15th birthday.  (we still owe him a day at Fort Fun.)  We made big strides in the building permit process for the cabin!  And…  I got a new car!  My Mom and Dad decided they didn’t need two cars anymore and gifted me this cute, little, sporty thing!  (I’ve always loved this little car!  It’s so much fun to drive and has my favorite thing ever, on any car…  A GIANT SUNROOF!) 


     February will be much more joyful, with my birthday and Valentine’s Day and this huge snowstorm that we’re experiencing as I write this!  I’ll probably even use lots of pink!



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