One Little Word 2016 – PEACE


Peace is going to mean sunshine, garden, birds, fresh air, mountains, trees!  It’s going to be calm and content.  It’s going to be nurturing and undeterred by time or circumstances.  It’s going to be flexible and spontaneous and unrelenting because I’m determined.  (Boy, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me…  but I’m so ready!)


Peace is teal/blue and symbolized by a feather –  visuals that I can keep in mind when I need them.  I wear my mantra ring again this year:


And my bracelet:


I have a visual reminder sitting on my desk and one that I can pick up and put in my pocket.  (the little silver heart is independent from the big word.)


None of these little trinkets were expensive.  They’re just fun little things I buy each year to help me keep my word at the forefront of my thoughts.

This little book has already proven itself invaluable!  Such a small book and so much wisdom!  Thank you again, Jackie, for this gift!


So today, when I started getting “bent out of shape”, I found a peaceful, sunny spot and practiced a little mindfulness exercise from the book.  AND IT TURNED ME AROUND!  My first glimpse of successful meditation/mindfulness and it didn’t have to be complicated or pretentious or “crunchy”!


Without further adieu, here’s my “One Little Word” January assignment:


A very meaningful quote to me this year:


I Googled “How to find Inner Peace” and the page on the left, below is what I found.  Some pretty good advice, thank you, Google.  My teal binder is on back-order.  I waited too long to order it… sigh…  And I’m still not sure about the round/dove stickers that I used…  May revisit that soon.


I LOVE getting all my ideas and goals on paper!  I have something concrete, almost a contract with myself.  It’s become important to me.  Especially important is the next prompt, in February, which in the past has been to list action items.  How exactly are you going to make it happen?  I refer back to them throughout the year to make sure I’m on the path I want.


There is some redundancy in these pages, but when I went back and read them again, I realized that the vital parts are the ones that I repeated.  Those are the things that matter most.


This is the fourth year I’ve taken Ali Edwards’ “One Little Word” class and it has changed my life!  I highly recommend it.  If you’d like to see more, visit:



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