In The Garden: Aug. 9, 2015

I’m writing this on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The boys are happy, having done all the yard/garden chores yesterday and having all day today to do as they wish.  Scott’s watching a documentary about real life de-extinction.  (pretty interesting stuff.)  It’s a nice, peaceful, recharging kind of day!

I thought it was about time I updated my garden posts.  Everything is pretty and doing so well right now, not having had any sizeable hail so far this season! (keeping fingers crossed that we don’t.)

First off, I want to mention how much I love trying new seeds and falling in love with them!  These zinnias are gorgeous!  The seeds were a gift from a sweet, new friend – thank you, Sarah!  And the Cosmos were just a seed packet that Scotty picked out at Home Depot.  All are thriving and look beautiful.  We can see them all perfectly from our living room.


I planted some leftover carrot seed this spring, not because I love carrots, but because I love carrot leaves!  I plant them in place of flowers.  They look like lace to me!


Immediately below is our box of Early Girl tomatoes.  We’ve just decided, as of this morning, that we will no longer plant these.  It’s so much fun to have early tomatoes but we’ve decided that the more flavorful varieties are worth the wait!


And the next photograph is the box of Beefsteak tomatoes, of which we’ve only had 3 turn red so far…  HOWEVER…  we ate one for breakfast this morning and it was UNBELIEVABLY PERFECT!  These are called Big Boy Beefsteak and they aren’t the big, misshapen ones, but they certainly are amazing tasting!


The big garden plot is full of corn, “crookneck” squash and zucchini this year.  We’re disappointed that we didn’t plant the corn twice as thick.  There’s room for much more than we have.  

The  “crookneck” that I bought at the nursery in Sterling, Colorado is NOT crookneck.  It’s tasty yellow squash of some variety, who knows…  It isn’t producing like I thought it would, but 8 plants are providing us enough to eat it fresh whenever we want.

The zucchini, I believe, was overcrowded and one of the plants was getting a weird rusty-looking stuff on its leaves.  So we pulled out the sick plant and now I’m hoping the remaining one will start producing more, with more sunlight and room to grow!

I did notice a little mildew beginning to form on everything when I was weeding yesterday.  I cut all the sick leaves off and removed them.  We’ll see what happens.  I still love the squash in tomato cages!  That is going to happen from now on.


Now that we have a section of fence down permanently (seems), wildlife has access to our yard and it became apparent one day this week that something was trying to burrow or nest in the flowers.  Beautiful flowers one day/ trampled flat flowers the next.

I had decided plain old petunias would be better than flat, muddy, dying flowers…  BUT there were Mums at the market!  Heck yes!  (I couldn’t bring myself to pull out all the Sweet Williams yet.  They avoided being squished, so they got to stay.)


It’s been a beautiful weekend.  It’s hot, somewhere in the 90s, but it could be a lot hotter.  I’m not complaining!


Wow, our pyramid is happy but very overgrown.  The first couple of years that Bee and I started planting wildflower seeds here, they were beautiful.  But I’m having a hard time finding a seed mix that I’m happy with.  Last summer and this summer, they just look like weeds to me.  I don’t cut them back because my Thyme and Parsley is in there too.  So when I get ready to harvest the herbs, the wildflowers get a good trim too.

I really do like how those orange flowers are trailing off, like a stream.  That’s kinda pretty.


The basil is happy…  and tasty.  But it’s a different variety than I normally grow and I think I prefer Sweet Basil.  We’ll go back to that next year.  I’m really glad that I planted it with the Early Girls, because if I had put it in with the Beefsteaks, it never would have gotten enough sunshine to grow.  (It was a lucky accident, because I didn’t realize that the Beefsteak tomatoes are much bushier plants.)


And I’m so happy how our Chocolate mint has recovered.  Early in the season, some kind of aphid was munching out on our mint, eating every green part and leaving only stems.  I was told to apply Diatomaceous Earth.  Two applications and the mint came back amazingly well!  I’ve promised the boys homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, probably in September.  I really want to try some in my tea too!  (It’s been years since I’ve done that.)


The garden looks beautiful right now.  I’m please with it but I always take notes and make plans for improving next time.  I’m printing out pictures and documenting progress this afternoon, recording plant/seed names and information about them.  I’ve kept a garden book the last few years that has proved to be very helpful.


That’s it for now.  We’re in the middle of easy-to-diet season, folks.  (with all the fresh produce, just waiting to be picked, in the back yard!)

Have a great Sunday!


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