Where Have I Been For Two Months?

Frankly, I have no idea where I’ve been and I was shocked when I looked at my blog this afternoon, to realize that it had been two months since I last posted.  I guess I needed a break…  (giggle, giggle)

When I try to think back about it, I realize, I spent quite a bit of time recovering from a back injury again.  Finally got it under control with the help of physical therapy.


So there’s been lots of time here:


I’ve been building back my endurance and strength on the treadmill almost everyday since I was given the go-ahead from physical therapy! 


When I was able to move again, I was birding quite a bit:




There’s been garden watching and weeding (GENTLY!)



We’ve made a couple trips to Colorado.  The new cabin project seems to be moving along FINALLY!  Still in the paperwork phase, but it’s moving!


We hired a family friend to start rebuilding the workshop  at our mountain place!  Need the workshop done in order for Scott and the boys to build the interior of the new cabin!  (THANKS, JERRY!)


We also had a family emergency that kept us in Colorado a while. 


We were given the final clean bill of health for Will.  Doctors at Children’s were ruling out MS and had to wait one year to look at changes on a brain scan.  Good news:  there were no changes.  We think the abnormalities were caused by his emergency birth.  He should be fine! 



We bought a new truck!  We’re really enjoying it.  AND…  it’s a little more powerful than the old one…  for the little bigger camper we’re thinking we might want next year!


So I’ve been blue lately because I haven’t knitted, or scrapbooked.  I’m not keeping up with my photo challenges and I’m half-assing the diet.  AND EVERYONE KNOWS A DIET REQUIRES YOUR WHOLE ASS!

But now, looking back, I’ve had quite a bit on my plate.  But things are calming down a little.  We’re on summer break from homeschool right now.  I need to start incorporating fun back into my days! 

I’ll get right on it!


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