One Little Word

At this point in my journey with the word THRIVE, the goals aren’t too far away.   Nothing too dramatic.


Little changes in behavior everyday to create habits.IMG_8027

The process with Ali Edwards’ workshop is always fun.  I love pictures.  I love playing with paper and paint.  I love making pretty stuff!  And it keeps my word and my goals at the front of my thoughts.  You can find out more about her workshop here:


I’ve been staying with my theme this year.  My word is THRIVE and the image that immediately comes to mind is green and growing stuff:  trees and leaves and flowers.  So I’m sticking with that throughout the book this year.  Also typing instead of handwriting, and keeping it clean and simple. 


Looking at the things I’m still working on, they may be things that just require daily commitment.  At this point, the remaining goals might not be things that I can attain and then relax.  They may be things that I have to invest in everyday.  And in that case, I’m doing ok!


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