I am EXACTLY Where I Want to Be

I signed up for an accountability workshop online for the month of May.  The first assignment was to write down where you want to be 3 years from now.  That’s when I realized – I’m there.

Sure, I have some fine tuning that takes constant effort:  eating healthier and exercising (both of which have been put on hold since I threw my back out on Friday.  With a debilitating injury like this, you eat what your family fixes for you and exercising without a physical therapist is OUT OF THE QUESTION.)


Another big thing in three years is having our little cabin in Big Elk Meadows built!  I’m going to write a letter to the board to see if they’ll let us park our camper up there while we’re building.  That would be so much fun! (I’m currently trying to keep Scott excited about dormers.  They’re expensive, but to me, SO WORTH IT!)  The picture below is just an image I found online, looking for ideas.


Our second assignment in the workshop was to come up with 10 goals to make our dream future happen.  I couldn’t come up with 10.  I didn’t need 10.  That should make it an easier process.  And I think it will be, once I get my back healthy again and can participate more.

Along the same line of thought,  is considering where I am now.


I get sad sometimes that I don’t have little ones anymore.  I loved having babies/toddlers.  I wished that my boys hadn’t grown up so fast.  But, if I’m completely honest, I love the phase they’re in now too.

I have a lot more time to devote to my stuff because they are very independent these days.  I’m still so thankful that we homeschool.  That time spent together five days a week, is so precious to me!

I’m well into figuring out next school year’s plan and getting so excited about it already!


I’m the mom of two teenagers…  two big, strong, young men.  I still can’t believe it sometimes.  I didn’t believe Scott when he told me they’d be taller than me by 12 or 13.  They were.

I know the milestones from here on out are going to be tough for me because they’re big ones:  driving, high school, maybe a girlfriend, maybe a job, then graduating and considering college.  Holy Shit!


The reason I know I’ll be fine?  Scott.  He’ll handle it with ease.  And he’ll pull me right along by his side. 


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