Sewing and Knitting and Cooking

I’ve been making time for crafts lately!  It’s been so much fun.  I need to remember that one of my One Little Word goals this year is to ditch the TO DO List and make FUN the priority once in a while! (sometimes that is really hard for me…)

1.  I finally made patches for this silly, little blanket.  This was a store-bought blanket, nothing special.  But I remember it being in my house when I was in the 2nd grade and I remember thinking it was old then…  When I found it at my folks’ house a couple years ago, it was faded so much you couldn’t tell it was pink anymore and it had several big holes in it.  I dyed in pink again and last week, I made pretty patches and sewed them over the holes. 


I’m getting comfortable with my sewing machine again, after another lesson from a sweet friend.  Thank you, sweet friend!  So I went back and zig-zagged around the edges of the patches to give them a little more staying power.  Now I can actually use the blanket and not worry about it falling apart. 


However, I think I’m going to just display it in the pretty blanket cabinet in our room at Mama and Daddy’s Ft. Collins house.


2.  I’ve been revamping this quilted wallet that my mother-in-law made for me.  I used it a lot when she first gave it to me.  I love it.  But it got really dirty inside, from the coins and then the Velcro died…  Now it’s had a very thorough washing (or three) and I had to rip out the Velcro closure.  Still trying to decide what I want to put back…


3.  I actually made something with my sewing machine that turned out pretty!  It was mostly independent work.  My friend/instructor showed me how to do it and then I did it! 


The inside is pretty too!  Still can’t believe I did it!


4.  I bound off my weather scarf FINALLY!  (I cheated, though.  Each color represents the high temperature of each day in 2013.  I stopped in August because the scarf was already 9 feet long…)


I’ve been making a REAL effort to eat more veggies, which involves more cooking.  Squash and mushrooms are on tap for tomorrow!  I might get the boys to help and that can be their unschooly task for tomorrow…  I cooked stewed tomatoes and okra a couple days last week.  It’s so good, especially over a little bit of rice!  YUM!





I’ve had to also promise myself to drink good plain ol’ water since I discovered that I love sweet tea…  One GIANT glass of water per day.  And all the tea I want.  (It’s decaf)


I’m getting pretty excited about getting started on our little cabin soon!  We have a date with the safety engineers coming up in a couple weeks and hopefully that’ll be the end of the “studies” and the beginning of the real work!  Still look at our neighbor’s perfect, little cabin and dream of having one that cute and homey!  My hope is that we’ll have an enclosed structure by the end of the year.  Maybe nothing going on inside much, but we could take our camping gear up there and rough it!  Sounds like Heaven to me.


Long as we have a generator and a Keurig!


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