What’s up, Buttercup?

I was so bummed yesterday when I re-read the sweet corn seed packet…  I could have sworn it said to plant them two weeks BEFORE the average last frost.  Nope.  Two weeks AFTER the average last frost.  That means 2 or 3 more weeks. 


Thinking that it was time to get started, the boys and I ran out and bought a ton of manure to mix into the garden beds. 

We got that done today.  The boys got to use the tiller this year!  20150503_134618 


It’s Sunday, Family Day, so I own the boys all day!  They’re going to get lots of fresh air and sunshine today!


We’re going to Colorado in a couple weeks to catch up on Colorado errands and we’re going to buy the rest of this year’s garden plants while there!  I get so silly excited about this every year!

We decided to go ahead and plant in my Three Sisters plot again this year, even though we weren’t able to build the hail shelter over it.  I’m taking the chance again…  I’ll be planting three rows of sweet corn and six-eight Crookneck squash and one Zucchini there.  This plot is 8’ x 16’.


Why did I never think to put squash in a tomato cage?  That might just cure my powdery mildew problem and I can get twice as many plants in the same space!  I’m very excited!


The big box will be full of Early Girl tomatoes!


And the small box will also be summer squash of some kind. (room for four, with cages.) We’ll have sweet basil in one barrel.


I was so excited to see that our chocolate mint from last year is coming up again!  I’ve never had it survive the winter and come back before…  And now that I drink iced tea, it’ll be great to have mint for my tea.  (We LOVED homemade mint ice cream too – it doesn’t taste like the same food as the store-bought version and if you like mint, you owe it yourself to make it!)

17358897421_cf2eb450f9_o (1)

I have three more barrels.  I need to decide what else I want to grow…  I may have pansies coming back in two of them, but there aren’t very many, if that’s even what they are…

We’ve had enough rain this spring that we haven’t had to turn on the sprinklers yet and the lawn looks very happy!


Making sure the bird feeder and the bird bath stay full this time of year.  We all love birding!



It’s been so refreshing to be outdoors again – really, really good!  Makes me feel like I’m THRIVING!  And now?  It’s supposed to rain buckets the next seven days…  Sigh…


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