Homeschool Wrap Up – April 13 -17

Math seems to be a challenge again lately, not because we started something tough, but because they get in a hurry to be done.  They know how to do this stuff!  I watch them do all their corrections everyday – they know how to do it!


This week in science we watched videos about:

1.  What Will Happen if  All the Bees Die?

2.  Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

3.  What is a Psychopath?

Discovered Asap Science and love these guys!


4.  Humanity’s Biggest Mistake?  (Agriculture)

5.  Can you Erase Bad Memories?

6.  What is Pain?

7.  Why Do We Cry?

8. Can Video Gaming Make You Smarter? (They certainly hope so.)

9.  How to Get Better Sleep

10.  Type A –vs- Type B Personalities

And when, on a particular afternoon, I was suffering from hot flashes, the boys got a female anatomy lesson that included an illustration of the female reproductive system, what a hysterectomy is and a little about hormones, childbirth and menopause.  Take the opportunity when it presents itself!  They were very interested.

One day this week was spent traveling to Scottsbluff!  Bee has braces again!  And although he REALLY didn’t want to do the whole braces thing again, he’s handling it like a real champ.  I’m very proud of him.  It’s hard sometimes to look up at 6’1” Scotty and realize that he’s only 12.  I have to remind myself all the time that he’s still a very young boy.


And then he does something like this, in the picture below and I remember easily that he’s 12!  (Going to be 13 real soon!)  Truthfully, I loved when he poked his brother and Will just kept doing what he was doing…


We also started reading George’s Secret Key to the Universe.  We watched The Theory of Everything a few weeks ago and the boys were very interested in Stephen Hawking.  When I found out about these books he had co-authored with his daughter, I thought they would be a great introduction for our boys. (We’ve just barely started and so far it seems a little young for us, but we’ll give it a go.)


We finished Jeremy’s War 1812 this week and moved on to this miniseries:


Hoping that it will be a pretty accurate representation of  life in the late 1700s/early 1800s.  We’ve watched the first hour and I was very happy with it. 

We’re backing up a little bit, chronologically, because I realized I skipped a couple pretty important events and a couple pretty important people:


I highly recommend this National Geographic movie/documentary on Lewis and Clark.  We found it on Netflix.  It’s about an hour long.  When it ended, the boys were disappointed.  It was so interesting, they were very engaged.

This week marked the annual return of lawn and garden work.  I usually enjoy working outside, but it’s even more fun when my family is out there with me.  Will cuts the grass cheerfully these days because we started paying him.  It makes me happy to have him working along side me.  Scotty does miscellaneous jobs and just helps when Will and I need a hand.


They’ll be helping me to plan the garden very soon too.  They choose some things to grow each year and help to take care of them and harvest all summer.  (part of their Health requirement)


We’ve already had hail twice this Spring!  I’m thinking more and more about not using the big plot where we grew our Three Sisters Garden last year.  It’s uncovered and unprotected and heartbreaking if it gets hailed on, which is likely here…


So a smaller garden this time, but more time to play!  Right?


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