Homeschool Wrap-up, April 6-10

 This was the first full week back from our big road trip and getting back to the books felt really good.  We got back to our regular treadmilling also, even increasing our times this week! (Yes, I do it right along with them!)


History this week still involves reading this awesome little book, Jeremy’s War 1812.  It’s been so entertaining and well written.  It’s light and the boys are really enjoying it.  They get a little silly and sidetracked once in a while when I’m doing voices for the characters, but that’s what makes it fun and memorable. (They always ask me why my British accent sounds like Effie from The Hunger Games…  I DON’T KNOW!)


Today they also couldn’t stop laughing about the name of one of the Indian tribes in the book:  Kickapoo.  (12 and 14 year old boys…  you can imagine…)


This week also, Will wanted to read out-loud some.  I’m pleased to let him!


We’re about to get past some time-consuming math!  It slowed both boys when we got to adding multiple fractions with different denominators.  Will spent a couple extra weeks on it, doing additional worksheets.  I think Scotty’s getting it already and can move on.  That’s good news.


We made time to dye Easter eggs this week.  Last year, I thought the boys were getting a little old to want to do this anymore.  But when I didn’t buy the stuff and Easter quietly slipped by, they realized, “Hey, wait a minute, we didn’t do eggs.”  They told me they’d still like to do it.  Apparently it’s still fun!  Woo hoo!


We went on a field trip with our Sidney Homeschool group on Thursday to the Fort Sidney Museum and the Fort Sidney Commander’s House.  We had a local historian give a presentation and afterwards some of the moms baked pizza for lunch.  It was really fun and a nice change of pace!  The boys enjoyed getting to see some friends and hang out too.


The historian had lots of authentic, period weapons to show us.  Our boys really got into that part!  He told a couple interesting real stories of survival in the 1800s, in this part of the world.  Not a very hospitable place, Nebraska of 1850…


He also gave each child a real musket ball.  All the boys thought it was super cool.


In science this week, we watched videos on:

1.  What color is the universe?  (how light creates color)

2.  Halley’s Comet

3.  Allergies


4.  How many stars are there?  (1 Septillion, turns out)

5.  We did a mini unit study on the Eiffel Tower


6.  Can you really be scared to death?  (answer is yes.)

7.  10 weird but real phobias

8.  Fast thinking vs slow thinking

And, my favorite part of the day, we did our little coffee break thing and read Percy Jackson!  Always a nice, peaceful time! 

We’re off to celebrate Easter with family this weekend.  (better late than never)  Hope you homeschoolers had a fabulous week too!


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