Homeschool Wrap Up: March 2-6

It was a short week again for us, being in Colorado Monday and Tuesday, during which the boys only did math lessons.  But then when we got home, we kicked it into high gear again!

In history we finished watching Tecumseh, The Last Warrior.  It was a very good movie and as far as I can find out, through my own research, it was a pretty good account of the main aspects of Tecumseh’s life.  (the things he’s famous for.)  The boys really enjoyed this one:  lots of action to keep them engaged.  All during the film, we would pause and look up something on the internet:  we read about William Henry Harrison and Tecumseh’s brother, The Prophet and how he predicted a solar eclipse.


Also for history this week, we read a very colorful account of Sir Isaac Brock’s military career.  I found it at  I found it a couple weeks ago and wondered if it was peppered with just enough foul language that the boys would find it funny and memorable or if it was just over-the-top for young teens…  I read it to Scott and we agreed, they probably hear all this language on X Box Live…  And indeed, they found it hilariously funny to hear Mommy reading words like:  badass, and assholes and the such.  I think they’ll remember this one!


Got these two books coming up for history lessons.  I’m going to take these on our trip to Georgia and hopefully, find a little time most days to read some.


For Science this week we watched videos about:

-Sound Waves

-Robotics and Prosthetics Controlled by Brain Waves

-Real World Zombies:  Parasites

-Does My Dog Know What I’m Thinking?

-Do Our Dogs Really Miss Us When We’re Gone?

-Is Santa Real – The Science Behind Santa and The Reindeer

-The Oldest Living Things on Earth:  Yucca, trees, lichen, sea grass

-10 Most Amazing Places on Earth – Crystal Caverns, NM, Eye of Africa, Tianzi Mountains in China, ( “Avatar” was filmed here) and Lake Hillier in Australia (the pink lake).

For Math this week, in addition to our normal lessons, we baked chocolate zucchini bread on Thursday.  (the boys love this little break from regular math, once in a while – especially when they’re craving something sweet!)  My recipe makes two loaves and I ask them to make me three.  So not only are they learning to cook and practicing cooking skills, they’re manipulating fractions too. 


On Friday it was so beautiful outside!  We did all our schoolwork, had a lunch date with our best friends and then came home and finished up school outdoors!  The most fun was our reading/coffee break.  The boys pushed some chairs out in the grass.  I made our usual:  coffee with hazelnut creamer for me, decaf with pumpkin spice creamer for Dood and hot chocolate for Bee and we soaked up the sunshine! (Boo might have been there too…)


I was pleasantly surprised when we got done with school that they didn’t rush off to attend to very important X Box business.  Instead they stayed outside with me and played with Boo-berry (happiest pup on the planet!)


They even helped with some yard/garden clean up!  (so much more fun than treadmills in the basement!)  And let me tell you, IT FELT SO GOOD TO BE WORKING OUTSIDE IN THE YARD AND GARDEN!  I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE OUT THERE EVERYDAY AGAIN!


After hearing this little guy singing his little lungs out the whole time we were outside, I cleaned and filled the bird bath. 


And there has been a crowd at the bird bath every time we go indoors! 

Every opportunity I get, the boys and I talk about birds, to reinforce all the studies we did a couple Springs ago.  We’re going to do more nature study this year, mostly in Colorado:  there are two parks with lakes where I want to take the boys birding and up at Big Elk when we start the cabin build.  (I’d like to NOT run into the mountain lion that has been spotted all over Big Elk lately…)

Can you tell?  This Mom is a happy girl when the weather is this beautiful!




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