Homeschool Wrap Up: Feb 23-27


We had one full day of school at home to begin the week and then we had “Traveling School” the rest of the week.  We were in Colorado, wrapping up the last few things to be completely done with our landslide clean-up. 

For history this week we finished our War of 1812 documentary.  (I’ve found lots of material to continue our study of this time period:  a couple diaries of soldiers.  I found a mini series, The Awakening Land, starring one of my favorite actresses, Elizabeth Montgomery, set in the 1790s in the Ohio Territory, found a movie about Tecumseh that the boys seem to be enjoying.)  We were introduced to one of Scott’s favorite childhood songs:  The Battle of New Orleans.  (He’s been singing it for a week now!)  We learned what the words agrarian and Jeffersonian mean, and learned about Francis Scott Key and the writing of The Star Spangled Banner.

We had a fantastic time with our Colorado Homeschool group on Wednesday!  We met at the Rec Center and swam and visited for hours while a blizzard raged outside.  It was so much fun!


In science, the boys watched videos about Obtaining Immunity to Snake Venom, How to Lift a Person with only Two Remote Control Helicopters and Completing an Electrical Circuit.

Continued daily math lessons.


The boys spent some of their time, toward the end of the week, helping us get the final shipment of rescued Big Elk Meadows furniture out of storage, cleaned and placed in the new house.  (So convenient having big, strong boys!)


It feels so good to have that finished and for Mama and Daddy to be able to enjoy a few more of their things.  We washed all the hard surfaces ourselves and had professionals come out and clean and sanitize the upholstered furniture. 

Will was very excited to get two of the chairs for his playroom in Sidney:


The blue chair is very lucky to be alive!  We had chairs that were stabbed by tree trunks and pushed through walls!  And here’s how we found this lucky, little, blue chair:


Coit was able to clean all the mud off the skirt and it’s good as new.  All the furniture had to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  We know there were animals in the house, over the winter.  We brought home those mid-century end tables too and they’re now living in the boys’ room at the new house!

We didn’t do our coffee breaks/reading this week because I was busy and it requires I be there.  Most of the work the boys did was independent.  I would get home in the afternoon and ask them about what they watched for science and talk about it to make sure they understood it, same with history.  I checked the math lesson everyday and in the afternoon we did corrections together.  (this is “Traveling School”).

We said goodbye to Colorado and came home Tuesday morning.  So nice to be home!



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