Homeschool Wrap Up – Feb. 16th-20th

The week started off a little weak, still fighting  fatigue from a nasty, little cold.  We took a sick day on Monday.


Tuesday we were back on track.  Both boys had some difficulty with math this week, but it wasn’t content that was giving them trouble.  It was their trying to get it done too quickly.  Even when they went back to do corrections, there were careless errors again and again.  So we made up for lost math time by doing math on Saturday.  (I don’t really believe in falling behind or getting ahead when it comes to homeschool.  You spend however long it takes for your child to master the material.  I just wanted to encourage them to invest the time in their math during the week.)


We were getting ready for our coffee break in the photo below.  (Somehow our coffee breaks have begun to include a snack for the boys too, which is kinda strange since it’s usually right before lunch.)  We’re still reading The Titan’s Curse:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  First book in a very long time that I honestly think the boys are really enjoying!  (so much fun when they get into it!)


Yes, the picture below is of The Walking Dead.  It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and my youngest boy.  I love it when he doesn’t have pressing Xbox “business” and he can find the time to watch it with me!

As for school…  this week we watched science videos about: 

Bats and Spiders of the Amazon

What’s a Pangolin?

Scurvy, Polio and Vaccines

Muons – Traveling So Fast that Time Slows Down

How Old is The Earth?

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Human Body

10 Facts About Memory

Disease and the Likelihood of a Zombie Apocalypse

Can We Make a Plant that Absorbs More Carbon Dioxide to compete with Fossil Fuel Emissions?


For history we watched a video about  The Siege of Tuileres, we researched Versailles and Hameau de la Reine (Marie Antoinette’s country chateau, which just for the record is my DREAM HOME).  We watched a short video about the Marquis de Saint-Fargeau


We finished up our studies on The French Revolution and Napoleon with an authentic French-inspired lunch at Blue Rooster Cafe and Bakery today.  Even our picky kid said it was fun!


And now we’re moving onto The War of 1812.  We watched most of a documentary about it this week.  (we’ll finish it up on Monday.)  And now the boys have told me the places and people they’d like to learn more about and I’m on a mission!  I’ll be looking for information about:  Montreal, Tecumseh, The Shawnee, The War Hawks, Sir Isaac Brock, William Atherton, Dolly Madison and The River Raisin Massacre. As we learn about these, inevitably, other names and places will come up too.  That’s how it works.


I must also mention a perfect Thursday afternoon of playing outdoors, blue sky, sunshine and talking.  The weather was so perfect that we decided to take advantage of it and soak up some Vitamin D.  It might have been the most valuable lesson all week!


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