Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Right Now

1.  A long overdue road trip to Georgia.  (The last time we visited family in Georgia, Will was almost 3 years old.)   We’ll be taking the camper in March to Savannah (where Scott and I met) and we’ll be doing lots of homeschool field trips (lots of cool historical places to visit) and detours to show the boys where it all started for our family. (Asheville, North Carolina, hopefully at the peak of “Pink Tree” season and maybe a tour of the Biltmore mansion.)

2.  Losing the last 10 lbs! (It’s proving to be very difficult.  My half-ass dieting turns out to be “maintaining.”  Hmmm…  maybe there’s a lesson here.)


3.  Planting time!  I see people already starting seeds and it’s giving me the bug.  I’m already thinking about what I want to plant this year and where I want to expand.  We’ll be building a protective pergola over the Three Sisters garden this Spring.

4.  My next cup of coffee!  Mmmmmm…

5.  Starting the cabin build in Big Elk Meadows.  (The ball is in the engineers’ court again.  We’re waiting for drain field design.)

6.  My upcoming girls’ shopping day with K.  (She’s expecting in May, so we’re going for a day trip, to have fun before the new boy joins them.)


7.  My birthday cake!  (I’ll be baking it next week.  Yes, it’s late because I didn’t want to eat cake again so soon after Will’s birthday.  Mine is going to be a new carrot cake recipe with coconut, pineapple, walnuts, raisins and cream cheese icing!  Yum!)


8.  Getting the last of the furniture from Big Elk out of storage and into Mama and Daddy’s new house in Fort Collins!  (This is going to happen next week!  We have movers scheduled and cleaners scheduled.  So awesome to have it completely done and over.  The picture above is one corner in the new house.  The photograph, hanging on the wall is of the front steps to the house we lost in the slide.)

9. Kissing my husband again.  I’ve been sick with a nasty, little cold for over a week now and there’s been no smooching…  sniff, sniff.

10.  “Boo, you ready to go read?”  I love to go to bed 30 minutes before time to really go to bed.  Boo-berry sacks-out on Daddy’s side of the bed and I turn my electric mattress pad on high and read ‘til I can’t hold my eyes open anymore.



One thought on “Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Right Now

  1. Oh I want that little boy back for about ten years but I want to keep the big boy we have too. He is so precious didn’t have that little dood long enough

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