Homeschool Wrap Up : Feb. 8th-13th

We were in Colorado for most of the week and with lots going on, the boys were more “independent study” than normal. They did great!


I accidentally left the book with our lesson plans at home, so there was a period of figuring it out again, but it was ok.  They did math everyday and are still doing remarkably well with fractions.  So happy about that!


We watched science videos this week about:  Ebola, How Many Heartbeats Do We Get? and What If There Were No Sharks?

We watched history videos about Antoine Lavoisier, the Chemist and Charlotte Corday and Jean Paul Marat, finishing up our studies of The French Revolution.

We’ll be starting on The War of 1812 on Monday.  I’ll also be starting my research on the new Assassin’s Creed Victory game.  I think it’s set in Victorian England and scheduled to be released in October of this year.  We shall see.  Will is pretty excited already!

The weather was beautiful much of the time we were in Colorado and we got to do our reading and coffee breaks outdoors.  (a habit that I’d like to continue at home when the weather is good.)


Sadly we’re expecting snow again starting tomorrow and into Monday – so indoor coffee breaks it is! (which, truthfully, is really nice too!)

Will got a pretty traumatic haircut this week.  He wasn’t convinced that he liked it AT ALL until his friend, Madison told him it looked nice.  Here is the before and after:


I LOVE IT SHORT!  (he does too… now.  And he says he’ll try to get used to it this way!  Woo hoo!)

I’ve also talked Scotty into letting his buzz cut grow out.  It’ll take at least another month.  I’ll keep you posted.

It was a light school week for us, but we got the basics done.  We came home on Thursday evening and I promptly started getting a nasty little cold.  So I’m taking it easy this weekend and we’ll be ready to start again on Monday.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


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