Right Now


making : Project Life, One Little Word, TRIED to make beeswax candles

cooking : birthday cakes.  Will’s two weeks ago and mine in two more weeks.


drinking : COFFEE…  what else?

reading : Spiritual book loaned to me by a friend and a not so spiritual book called Sixth Grave on the Edge.

wanting : The weather to hold out for Wednesday so the boys and I can go to park day in Colorado.
looking : through pictures to see what we were doing in February the last few years.

playing : With Photofunia (new picture app) at Mcdonald’s yesterday with Scott and Will.  (Bee stayed home.)


wasting : Maple syrup, which is a crime and I’ve threatened to never buy it again.  The boys have a pool of it on their plates when they’re done with waffles.  Ugh…

sowing : Friendships and feeling very grateful for them.
wishing : for health for all of us!

enjoying : knitting again.

waiting : for gardening time!

2014-07-18 15.22.55

liking : my Instax camera more and more.  There’s a learning period for this basic little camera that surprised me, though.


wondering : If getting Will ANOTHER haircut will make us all happier.  (The first one was useless. She didn’t cut enough off to tell he had had a haircut at all.)

loving : Some good t.v. is starting up again:  The Blacklist and The Walking Dead!
hoping : To break a weight plateau this week!

marveling : always marveling at my husband, for one reason or another.


needing : More than one cup of coffee per day!

smelling : a candle (ordered some beeswax candles on Amazon and Esty after my failed attempt at making them.  I hope I like them.)
wearing : less and less.  We’re going through a pleasant warm spell right now.  Winter isn’t over, Mother Nature isn’t fooling anyone.
following : along with school pretty closely right now and participating a lot more.  It’s working way better!
noticing : My hair is dramatically thinning again.  Whatever.  I’m tired of worrying about it.  If I have to buy a wig, so be it.


knowing : I’m way more blessed than I deserve
thinking : I really want to go to Georgia in March, but I’m not going to be heartbroken if we don’t because we don’t have the money this year.
bookmarking : blogs of Instagrammers whom I like.  I get so much inspiration and spark from these ladies!
opening : A brand, spankin’ new package of San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser K cups this morning.

giggling : with my husband on Saturday mornings makes my heart sing.


feeling : happy, mostly healthy and very thankful.


One thought on “Right Now

  1. Loved reading your “right now”! In fact, I have been giving serious thought to starting to blog again and I might just have to “steal” this idea for a post!! Can you share some of your favorite Instagrammer blogs, always looking for new blogs to stalk, LOL!! 🙂

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