Homeschool Wrap Up: Feb. 1 – 6

We started out the week at our first Maker Faire.   The boys and I had no idea what it was all about but Scott had seen them before and was very excited.  What we didn’t know is that this was a MINI Maker Faire.  The Mini doesn’t mean that the faire is small.  It means that it’s geared to SMALL children.  So there were A LOT of small kids milling about and most of the booths/makers were geared toward them.  (Kind of a bummer for us.)


The boys were able to find a couple things that interested them.  Will built a computer board that plays Star Wars music, Scotty bought a necklace with a Skyrim symbol on it.  It didn’t take long to see everything and move on.


In preparation for starting a new book for our coffee breaks (The Titan’s Curse:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians), we decided that we didn’t remember the first two books well enough to move on.  Amazon to the rescue.  We bought the two movies of the first two books and watched them this week and started the new book on Thursday.  We highly recommend the movies!  I watched AND knit!  It was a fun, more relaxed way to spend a “Snow Day”.  (public school had a snow day on Wednesday.  We didn’t, mostly.)


We watched some really interesting science videos this week!  Several so interesting that we wanted to know more and so we did some searching on the internet. 

We watched one about what happens to your brain when you “space out” (one of our boys is really good at spacing out, so he was happy to learn that it actually is a period of increased brain activity.) We watched a short video on how honey is made (Youtube channel is Minute Earth).  I thought the boys would find it interesting but warned them that they’d probably be grossed out.  Will has sworn he’ll never eat honey again…  WHATEVER!


We watched a video about why the sky is blue.  I liked this one because it was a review from the first year we homeschooled.  I remember learning it, they don’t.  Now they’ve heard it again. 

Then we watched one entitled:  How Big is Our Solar System in which the narrator did a scale model of the solar system at the park, using little signs to represent the sun and planets.  The visual was really good for the boys’ comprehension of distances. (Youtube channel is It’s Okay to be Smart.)


For history we watched some interesting videos but when the boys strayed from the topic, I asked them if they were ready to move on from the French Revolution.  (they had questions about World War II and Pearl Harbor.) 

We talked about it and they decided that they’d like to learn history chronologically, so we’ll continue doing what we’re doing.  We did stray a little today to watch a video about Pearl Harbor. (They remembered Umpa telling them how scared he was when Pearl Harbor was bombed, because my then 7-year-old father had thought that they were bombing the harbor close to his home in New Jersey.) We talked a little about The Holocaust (which they couldn’t even fathom) and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We looked at pictures of the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

We talked a bit about the Civil War this week too and the difference between a civil war and a revolution.  But in the end, we returned to the French Revolution and plan to go on to the War of 1812 after that.  We watched videos about the Flight to Varennes , The Champ de Mars Massacre, Lieutenant General Rochambeau and his work with the Marquis de Lafayette (one of our favorite men from the American Revolution).

Both boys are doing really well in math and I couldn’t be happier about that fact!!!  We were going to bake this week (I was going to tell them to make 1 and 1/2 recipes of blueberry zucchini bread, so that they’d have a fun way to practice manipulating fractions) but we ran out of time.  We’ll do it next week.


They’ve both done treadmills with me this week and on Friday we went out to lunch with friends and to Gym Day with our Nebraska homeschool group.  I was very proud of my little introvert for getting out there and playing this week!


Next week is going to be a little challenging for school, but we’ll get it done.  We’re taking the 12th off for their teacher’s birthday!  Should be a fun week!


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