Finishing up 2014–Project Life

In 2014 I began doing Project Life monthly rather than weekly.  And although I cover more time per session, I find it easier to do this than to carve out time every single weekend.  I like the fact that I can fit an entire year into one album too.


I don’t do much embellishing anymore.  I focus on pictures and words.  But unlike Ali’s focus on pictures and words, I still like to include the “stuff” of life too.  I’ve noticed, sadly, that she’s gotten away from a lot of that…  Her Week in the Life books used to be filled with labels, mail, receipts, ticket stubs.  Not so much anymore…

Below is my December Daily photo challenge pictures:


December wasn’t a particularly good month for my family.  And as I put this book to rest, I’m glad to start clean in January, but also I’m struck by how many happy pictures there were for December.  In the midst of so much stress and sadness, we still managed to find time to smile and love each other.


I didn’t have time to do a lot of my normal Christmas activities this time.  But I learned that I didn’t miss them as much as I thought I would either.  (And honestly, the boys have really outgrown lots of it.)  Next year my mission is to simplify the whole event even more.


All said and done, this book shows a pretty trying path this year.  There were some pretty dramatic highs and lows.  But it’s still my path and I’m thankful for it everyday.


Closing this volume:



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