Homeschool Wrap Up – Jan 26-30

Not school related, but I wanted to mention that we had a great day at Fort Fun in Ft. Collins, celebrating Will’s 14th birthday with our cousin, Jack!


We started the week off with two days of temperatures in the 70s.  It was the perfect opportunity to get the garden boxes cleaned out, fill up the bird feeders and clean up after Boo-berry!  The boys were very helpful and we talked about why we need to get the last few, sad tomatoes and eggplant out of the boxes intact.


We did treadmills this week and manual labor in the garden for P.E. 


Math U See and a couple tests this week were our math assignments.  They both did very well.  Will started on a new chapter and I need to watch the DVD.  (He’s into some stuff that I don’t remember…) 


Scotty is doing really well in math so far.  I lean toward believing that most of his current mistakes happen because he’s in a hurry.  The next day, when he’s required to correct yesterday’s mistakes, he does it with no additional help… 


This week for Science, we watched videos about:  Bed Bugs, (the next day, both boys were convinced they were itchy and that they both had bed bugs…  Ugh!) Bats and Ebola, How to Date a Planet.  We watched a jellyfish sting under a microscope (gave us all the heebie jeebies).  We watched a video about manipulating an ecosystem and the affects on hummingbirds, (we love hummingbirds and have lots of them at our mountain place) and a video about physical temperatures and molecular energy.


In History we watched videos about:  The Catacombs in Paris (VERY CREEPY), Four Important Events in the French Revolution and a movie entitled Marie Antoinette, which was silly and unrealistically contemporary, but emphasized her (and Louis’) young age and complete unpreparedness. (which was what I wanted the boys to see.)  Marie Antoinette was Will’s age when she was taken to Paris to marry Louis. 


Our Daddy was in Colorado two days this week, so the boys camped out with the puppies and me one night.  We always stay up a little later than normal when Daddy isn’t home (and sleep in a little later in the morning too).  It’s a nice change of pace. (yes we still have small Christmas trees up in our bedrooms.  They’ll probably be taken down next week.)


The boys have been cooking this week too.  They made us breakfast one morning and this afternoon they’ll be helping me make  Superbowl treats. (Oreo truffles!)


Coffee breaks are going really well.  We finished The Art of Self Directed Learning and began The Unschooling Handbook this week.  We talked about the main reason I felt our first attempt at Unschooling failed:  all the time on the xbox. 

Their first impression of Unschooling is  that it’s fabulous.  No text books and the boys deciding what to learn and how to learn it is very appealing.  But when I suggested that if we decide to give it another shot, they would have to limit their X-box usage a little and broaden their horizons, Will’s first reaction was, “Let’s give this a little more thought.”  LOL


As you can see, we’re doing a lot of unschooling already, pursuing their interests in history and science.  It really wouldn’t be a whole lot different, except that I’d want them to try new things… which means making time to try new things…  which means a little less time on the X-box.

We’ll see what they think when we’ve read the whole book.  It’s interesting to read how other families are doing it, even if we choose a more conventional approach.  The boys were really engaged so far.  (always a good thing.)

That’s it for this week.  We’re going to our first Maker Faire tomorrow.  Should be interesting and fun…


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