Knitting–Finished Objects 2014 and Now

I didn’t get a lot of knitting done in 2014.  And two of the projects below ended up being ripped out… 

I still love this hobby and I want to keep it that way.  I don’t ever want to burn myself out.  I want to be excited to start a new project.  Some years I’ll knit a ton of things and some… will be like 2014.


Right now, I’m very excited to pick up an old project that I’m determined to finish this time.

Below is my weather scarf, started in January of 2013, each 4 rows represents the high temperature of each day of that year.  I got up to the first week in July and then lost interest in sewing in all those ends…

I picked it up earlier this week and knocked out July pretty quickly.  Now I’m determined to finish it and might be able to wear it yet this winter!


It’s simple. clean, classic garter stitch and it’s my bliss right now!  I can do it while we watch videos for school.  I can put it down if I need to help with math.  Perfect!


And here’s my progress on Katniss:


I’m finding it difficult to stay excited about Katniss…  They’re still beautiful but I know they’re going to be tight.  I can try to block them larger.  They fit.  I just like them a little roomier.  That cable is just beautiful and so much fun to see it growing.

This yarn is amazing too.  You can’t see the gold threads in the picture, but it sparkles.  And it’s so soft!  The colorway is called Tru Blood.  One of my knitting buddies KNEW I would love it!  (Thank you, K!)

I have a couple more projects that I’m really excited about casting on.  One is a pair of beautiful long, fingerless mitts.  The picture below shows someone else’s pair on Ravelry.  This yarn is deep and rich and beautiful!  (also a gift from the above-mentioned knitting buddy!) 


And the other is another pair of Hermoine socks made out of a colorway from Loopy Ewe called Peppermint Mocha.  The picture below was found on someone else’s Ravelry page. 


I should just throw caution to the wind and cast on everything, all willy nilly!  Live on the edge.  Maybe I will…  You never know.


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