Home School Wrap Up Jan. 19 – 23

Sometimes I’m torn between letting them move and jump and bounce and wanting to rip my hair out and scream, “PLEASE SIT DOWN AND ACT LIKE YOU’RE KINDA INTERESTED IN WHAT I’M SAYING.” 

Most of the time, honestly, when such as this is going on during school, I’ll stop and say, “Scotty, what was just happening in this video/book/whatever,”  and I can’t recall one time when he couldn’t tell me…  So I kinda let him do what he wants, which usually involves weird positions and/or dog smooching.IMG_20150119_145533

This week we’ve watched science videos about Bad Bacteria vs Good:  Why We Eat Rotting Food, Pest Control, LED Lights, Predicting Disease Outbreaks (and a discussion about this year’s flu vaccine and the uselessness of it), and Which Came First:  The Rain or the Rainforest.


For history, we watched videos about:  Georges Danton, Napoleon Bonapart, Maximillien de Robespierre, and The Bastille.  We googled and read the disgusting reasons why men wore wigs in the 1700s:  prevalent diseases of the time that cause hair loss and lice.  (The boys were grossed out and fascinated all at the same time!)IMG_7294cropped2

This week was a lunch date with Daddy week.  So one boy went out on Monday, the other on Tuesday.  It’s so good for all of them!


Math, oh how we love thee…  Will is doing awesome.  He’s finally able to remember how to multiply and divide fractions!  One of the reasons we love Math U See is because it isn’t a lot of repetition, but we found in this lesson, we needed practice.  I bet we’ve done two weeks of additional worksheets.  But I can honestly say that Will has mastered this information, doing them as quickly as I can!  (And if he was in “regular” school, would we have been able to stick with this lesson for two additional weeks, to make sure he got it?)

Scotty is doing really well with math right now too, however…  he’s quickly approaching adding fractions with different denominators – tricky.  We shall see.


They’ve done treadmills twice this week and Gym Day on Friday with our Sidney Homeschool Group.


I’m not sure what I want to do about this:


Gym was never my thing either, so I can totally relate to his keeping to himself and doing his own thing.  But, as the parent, shouldn’t I encourage him to spread his wings just a little bit?  Or, as I can easily imagine my 12 year old self appreciating, do I leave him alone and let him be?

Coffee breaks are still going well this week, IF I stop reading and discuss the information frequently.  I think I picked a book that’s a little mature for them, The Art of Self-Directed Learning.  It’s a quick read, but written more for adults than for young teen boys. 


Prior to coffee breaks, we always read classic fiction.  Right now I’m trying something new and reading non-fiction that I hope will interest them.  It certainly pertains to them.  The next book is called The Unschooling Handbook.  If Will wants autonomy and Scotty wants to get away from textbooks, I’m hoping these books will help them figure out how to do that.  (In a way that makes Scott and me happy too.)

It was another really, good, productive but peaceful week at home.  We’re all pretty happy.


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