Home School Wrap Up Jan 12 – 16

This is an experiment in documenting our homeschooling adventures.  I’m kind of playing around with different ways of organizing information in preparation for keeping transcripts.  (Holy shit, my first born will be in high school next year!  Thing is…  I could tell him he’s in the eight grade again because he never remembers what grade he’s in.)

This week was a very welcome return to normalcy.  I’m seeing a slow change in our boys – a more independent focus on learning.  I’ve been looking for this for a couple years and it’s happening!  They are thinking about what they want to learn and pursuing it.  That’s a huge step!

This week, I gave them a list of Youtube channels and let them choose which one to watch and which subjects they were interested in.  Some of our favorites are:  It’s Okay to be Smart, Crash Course, Sci-Show, V-Sauce, College Humor, Minute Earth.  Some of the topics they were interested in this week were:  How Much do Dogs Understand?, How Many Different Smells Can Humans Recognize?, What Makes Your Poop Green? They were kind-of all over the place this week…


We’re making time for more reading and open communication.  The boys seem to be enjoying our “Coffee Breaks.”  They take off and make coffee and get a little snack, bring it in the living room and I read to them and then we talk about what I read.  I think this book is really giving Will some ideas!  He really zoned in on the word “autonomy”.  Uh-oh.


We watched a great documentary on Thomas Jefferson and pursued additional questions we had on the internet, we watched a short video about the Marquis de Lafayette and his involvement in the French Revolution, and a short video about Nikola Tesla, in which they learned the meaning of the words: idiosyncrasy and hallucination.  EEK! 

The boys are still very interested in the French Revolution but we’re running very thin on material.  I’ve asked Will to write down all the characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity.  Maybe there’ll be someone we haven’t covered yet. Looks like we’ll be moving on soon, though. 


Math still remains a struggle and the only part of school that they think they dislike.  They’re both very good in math.  Most of the time, the errors are careless ones that I could have just as easily made.  Not sure how to fix this one.  Math remains the only subject that we don’t Unschool.  Math is required.  It just is.16269858356_15e35ac436_o

We continue to do treadmills everyday while there’s snow and ice outdoors.  And this week will be our return to Homeschool Gym Day!  (I’m very excited about this because I’ve missed my homeschool mommy friends!)


I love weeks like this, when we aren’t rushed and shuffling schedules and we have time to soak it all in.  The slower pace is crucial for true thriving.  I love homeschooling and having my boys be a large part of my life.  I’m thankful for everything!


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