Happy Birthday, Our Sweet Will

We were told that we couldn’t have children.  We were told that I wasn’t able to conceive.  We persuaded the doctor to let us try Clomid anyway.  He agreed to give us four months.

First month, doing everything right to make a baby.  Took the test…  No.

Second month, doing everything right to make a baby AND PRAYING.  Took the test…  No.

Third month, doing everything right to make a baby AND PRAYING AND BEGGING.  Took the test…  No.

Fourth month…  Took the test…  No.  Tears.  It’s over.



That afternoon, I went shopping with my mom to get my mind off things and I get a call from our fertility doctor.

“May I speak with Tina?”

“This is she.”

“Tina, Congratulations!!!”

“For what?”


“You’re pregnant.”

I was stunned.  I was speechless.  I hung up and called Scott.

“The doctor’s office called.  They say we’re pregnant but the test at home this morning said no.”

He immediately went in search of the home test that I had taken that morning and it did indeed say positive. 

I had read it incorrectly.  WE WERE HAVING A BABY!



40 weeks later I woke up, very pregnant, expecting our first child any minute.  I sat down on the couch that morning to have coffee and touched my belly, said good morning to our baby boy and then was immediately filled with panic. 

“Scott, I don’t remember the last time I felt him move.”

We called the doctor who told us to come straight to the hospital. 

On the way, in the car, I felt Will roll over inside me, one of those big, whole body rolls that make you feel like your insides are dropping out.  I started crying.

“Hurry, honey.”

When we got to the hospital, they checked Will’s heartbeat and prepped me for an emergency c-section.  The placenta was dying and Will wasn’t getting enough food and air. 

They told us, in the operating room, minutes after he was born, that if we had waited 12 more hours, he would not have made it.  His Apgar scores were low and he spent 4 days in the newborn ICU.



We’re so blessed to have him! 

What a gift this boy has been!  Thank you, God!


Today, at 11:41am, he turned 14! 


Happy birthday, Dood.  We love you so much!


will black and White





















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