I’m Determined NOT to Think that this December SUCKS!


I chose not to do my usual December Daily scrapbook this year.  No particular reason, just decided to focus on other things.  Little did I know that I’d be focusing on so much unpleasant stuff…


This year we lost a cornerstone. Scott’s grandfather passed away on November 30th.  He was 94 years old, kind and loved and strong.  We all thought he’d be here forever.

With this heartbreaking loss, we also found our little family bombarded with health issues again.  Some very serious, some just a giant pain in the ass. 

A sweet and integral member of our family is battling cancer again.  Another is dealing with overall health issues, including heart health and a recent stroke.


My Mom and Dad have been stricken with the flu AND IT’S A BAD ONE!  Our Will has had a really hard time with it also.   Scott is currently doing everything he can NOT to get it, having hints of a sore throat starting Thursday.  He’s still hanging in there, not getting any worse.  I’m diffusing Thieves oil all day!  So far, Scotty and I have escaped unscathed… 

Had to cancel our annual family reunion/Christmas dinner that was originally scheduled for tonight, due to the flu.

We were away from home from November 26-December 10th, dealing with all this.  It didn’t even feel like Christmas…  And I didn’t even realize that December was slipping away until we got home and I put up half the numbers on our Advent calendar.


We usually have a big, 2-day adventure with National Jewish Health in December, making sure my baby is staying healthy.  But if anything else happens, it can be tough to forfeit those two days, so close to Christmas.  With Scott’s good health and favorable check-ups the last few years, we’ve taken this opportunity to enjoy hanging out together and we try to do something fun while having to be at the hospital. (usually involves Starbucks or sushi.  This year it’s going to be VooDoo Doughnuts!)  This little adventure is coming up this week. 

Maybe I’m freaking out over nothing.  You just adjust, right?  Chill and practice what you preach, Tina:  “Find the joy”,  “There’s always something to be thankful for”,  “Lean on Him”, “LET IT GO!” 


We’ve had to give up some things:  I’m not baking this year,  I’m not doing Christmas cards this year, no December Daily book, no homeschool Christmas party, no family reunion dinner.  We still have half the month left.  Everything will be fine, right?



One thought on “I’m Determined NOT to Think that this December SUCKS!

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss and all the health struggles. Sending prayers! My December sure isn’t what I had thought it would be a few months back, and I have zero holiday spirit right now, no decorations are up (but I am traveling to Arizona next week for 2 weeks and won’t be home so why bother just to have to come home to take them all down, right?), I’m not doing December Daily either, I’ve been sick for 3 weeks with this awful thing that’s going around and frankly, finances are tight…but, I am trying to remember the reason for the season and keep my sights set on Him! I do wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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