Being Grounded


Being grounded stinks…  especially at 13 years old, when you think you should be in control of your own life.  Our boys have been grounded for two weeks and they have two weeks to go. 

I find myself torn between entertaining them (to show them how much they’re missing when they normally spend all their free time on the Xbox) and actually letting them get bored and watching the creativity that comes from that.

There’s been lots more cooking and baking, which is awesome.


We put up most of the Christmas decorations together:


I’ve heard a lot of “I’m bored” and there’s been a lot of attempted bargaining.  Surprisingly the kid who is most like me (authority resistant) has been the one to go-with-the-flow.  The normally easy-going kid is the one who is really struggling.

I’ve taken the opportunity to introduce them to some classic television.  We’ve watched The X Files, I Love Lucy, Alien.  It was a fun activity to do together.  (They’re allowed to watch t.v. when we’re watching it.  They don’t get to choose what to watch while they’re grounded.)

15721724682_2502b93e82_o (1)

There has been more playing outdoors, which has been my favorite part of the whole thing.  (Boo’s favorite part too!)



Scott’s been surprising them and taking one boy out to lunch, every few days.  I love this trend too!  (gotta get a picture of Daddy and Bee going out if the weather cooperates again anytime soon…)


Bee’s been enjoying creative writing again!  (he gave up writing when I started correcting his grammar.  I’m very happy to see that he can still enjoy it.)


I don’t know…  now that I see it “on paper”, it doesn’t look like they’ve been completely inactive the last two weeks…


They don’t look completely miserable.  (Making them miserable wasn’t our goal.)


Maybe we’re doing okay…


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