Weight Loss Update

It’s been about a month since my last weight loss update. I got my act together again and I’m pretty happy with the results, even though I’m not following doctor’s instructions…

This is what 45 pounds gone looks like:


(Don’t you love headless pictures?)

I’m only 20 lbs away from my ultimate goal.  I don’t want to get complacent and lazy and stop because I feel great.   IT’S JUST 20 MORE POUNDS! 

In that top picture, I’m wearing Scotty’s jeans!  I’m wearing my baby’s jeans!  (not something that I want to do regularly, but it was fun to see that I could do it.)


As for the “not following doctor’s instructions” statement, the nutritionist wanted me to stop journaling food and counting calories and start focusing on tuning into my body and true hunger.  She thought I’d still lose weight.  I wasn’t confident.

Her plan sounds more like a maintenance strategy and I wasn’t ready for that yet…  So I didn’t do it.  I continued to do what was working for me. 

Her recommendation of increasing treadmill time was brilliant and I did that!  Instead of 30 minutes a day, I’m doing 20 minutes twice a day.  Even though it’s 10 more minutes, it’s so much easier.  Boredom is a big deterrent for me and 30 minutes was becoming very difficult.  Two 20s is actually easier for me.


So in closing, I thought I’d leave you with photographic evidence of where I started, back in 2009, before the lap band, at my heaviest weight.

I was the same person.  I was a good person, kind and loving.  Sadly, my appearance (and my insecurity about my appearance) kept people from getting to know me. 

My extreme weight gain was caused by a combination of medical problems.  It wasn’t something that happened from simply eating too much.  It was difficult.  It was awful.  I felt defeated.



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