Checking In


It’s winding down already.  Do you see it?  The trees are looking thin.  Some of them already bare.  Thankfully, our big cottonwood is one of the last to go and looks like it’s at its peak right now.  It’s been unseasonably warm but a cold front is coming on Monday.


It’s completely dark by 6:30pm and it always feels so right to me.  The boys and I figured out costumes yesterday and Scotty has decided that he doesn’t want to go trick-or-treating this year.  He says he’s too big. (oh, my mommy heart.) 

Will’s going to put together a costume with things he already owns and Miss Madison is going to join him this year.  (again…  my heart.)  Because the picture below is still what I see when I look at them.

Scott’s working in the Denver office this week and it was weird to watch the Broncos game alone last night.  We texted when the team did something cool. 


I knitted and enjoyed a cup of hazelnut decaf.  The Broncos won!  Scotty was xboxing and Will was playing on the pc.  The boys slept with the puppies and me while Daddy was gone.  (I bet it won’t be long before they tell me that they’re too big to do that too.  I better enjoy it while I can.  It could happen any minute.)

Scott gets home this afternoon.  I can’t wait to see his sweet smile.

It’s that time too.  I’m starting my Christmas shopping tomorrow on a girls’ day to Fort Collins with K.  (she’s expecting again!)  I LOVE OUR END-OF-THE-YEAR SHOPPING TRIP!  We’re going to check in with Guh/Umpa tomorrow too, to celebrate their new “city home.”  I’M TAKING THE CAMERA!

I’ve taken time out of my diet to enjoy fall baking and special fall treats.  I’m kinda happy with myself for deciding when I’d had enough too.  Now I’m back on track! 


I’ve been thinking about the holidays, and having lost a little weight this year, I want to dress up!  I’m on the hunt for black jeans.  I bought a red, sequined top yesterday!  YES, you read that right – SEQUINS!  I bought some patent leather, red shoes!  (They’re awesome, despite what my husband thinks of them!)  And for the first time since my mother-in-law gave it to me, this beautiful coat fits and will be perfect for holiday, dress-up days!


I’m not in a hurry for Thanksgiving or Christmas. (even though we have fun, extended family plans for both holidays) I want to savor every minute of October first!

The last Halloween things to do?  Buy carving pumpkins and take a million pictures of Scott and the boys carving jack o’ lanterns! 


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